Jenelle Evans' Alleged Messages to Ex-Boyfriend Are Shockingly Disturbing


Jenelle Evans

Ugh. Even though she's making every effort to turn her life around, the drama never ceases to end. And now RadarOnline has obtained alleged Facebook messages between Jenelle Evans and her ex Kieffer Delp, which were supposedly exchanged while Nathan Griffith was serving his jail time.

You guys? If these messages are a.) real, and/or b.) actually from Jenelle -- we should all be incredibly disappointed ... and probably a little offended too.

She apparently used the dreaded "N" word, people.

I guess we can assume the conversation started with Delp questioning why Jenelle and Nathan are still together. And that's when Jenelle allegedly said:

Let's see ... Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines, was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family. Wouldn’t trade him for a N****R like u.

I know. AWFUL.

Wait. It gets worse.

Even after insulting Delp in the worst way possible, she still managed to take it to the next level. She followed up with:

He might not be as nice as u were to me, but he's the best f**king thing that walked into my life. U were what? Playing COD and getting high wasting life ... Begged me to come back or u were killing yrself. Well guess what go f**king kill yrself, cuz nobody would ever care not even yr own mother.

Damn. You'd think things would've ended right there -- but then Kieffer apparently told Jenelle to break things off with Nathan. Her response?

Yeah but I'm pregnant. I don’t want to be alone with the baby. Not again, I wanted to do things right this time. I have a battle with my head every single day about this whole situation. Idk wtf to do.

Pick your jaw up off the floor. There's more. Not only does it sound like she might not be sold on Nathan -- but she appears to still have feelings for Delp.

I'm trying so hard. He hurt me the way I did to u, and I'm sorry I did that. I was so mean to u and well karma came back to me and in a very harsh way. It's always down. I wish he treated me like u did, that’s all. Yes we had problems but it was caused cuz of drugs and making stupid choices.

OMG. These messages HAVE to be fake, right? Or they're from someone trying to incriminate Jenelle and ruin her life?!?

I mean, why on earth would she slam this dude to pieces and then act all apologetic and lovey-dovey ... like she's missing him and wishing things were different? And from everything we can tell, she seems so happy with Nathan -- or is that all for show? You never know what is going on behind closed doors in a relationship. (Just sayin'.)

For her sake, I sincerely hope this exchange with Kieffer didn't actually happen. But if it did? Yeah ... then Jenelle probably needs to reevaluate a thing or two before her baby arrives. It's not worth bringing any more complication or drama into the mix if she can manage to avoid it.

Do you think Jenelle really said these things to Kieffer?


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nonmember avatar Kelly

Fake. Jenelle knew about Nathan's brain injury, I'm sure she'd also know how many times he's been deployed.

nonmember avatar jennifer

uh, i didnt get lovey dovey, i want you back from all that. she simply said K was nicer to her than N. and apologized for being an asshole to K and doing him dirty. she was honest in her feelings, what can K do for her except turn her back into a N***er herself ( using the term in the CORRECT context for anyone who wants to pull the ever present race card... go read a dictionary :)Honestly, i think hes so hard on her because he cares about her. he doesnt want her to go back down the same path she got off of. tough love is all it is coming from N. everyone just needs to leave this girl alone. everyone wants to get on their high horse and puy her down because of her choices and experiences but never want to fess up to their own shit.

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