Prince William's Joke About Prince George's Future Is No Laughing Matter

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Prince William Prince GeorgeHe obviously has hopes and dreams for his son just like any other dad -- but could there be a chance that Prince William doesn't want Prince George to be King of England someday?

Well ... yes or no -- depending on what you make of a comment he made while giving a speech in New Zealand on the first part of his Royal Tour with Kate Middleton. He said, "He's a bonny lad, and you'll be pleased to know that he’s currently preparing for life as a [rugby] prop forward."

A rugby player? For reals? I know rugby is kind of a big deal over in the U.K. -- but won't George have more important things to do down the road than engage in contact sports?

Ok, ok, obviously Wills was making a joke, and he doesn't for one second expect his son to do anything other than his royal duties in the monarchy. But doesn't what he said kind of make you wonder whether or not he and Kate will miss out on one of the best parts of raising a child simply because of who he is? I mean, on the one hand, they'll never have to worry about his future and whether or not he'll be successful or anything like that. But then again, they'll never have the pleasure of hoping and dreaming about what he's going to be when he grows up -- because they already know. (Sniff. A little sad, don't you think?)

It almost seems like they're getting cheated out of all the fun, although being a royal does come with its fair share of perks and privileges. Hey, at least Kate and Will won't ever have to worry about Georgie living in their basement until he's 35 and lying on their couch all day watching TV and eating popcorn.

Do you think Prince William and Kate Middleton are missing out when it comes to parenting?


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Csilla Sági

Why do you folks just STOP analyzing EVERY SINGLE WORD they say?! I am really getting bored with such artificially created "news" about this adorable couple and their cute little kid. Is there nothing interesting enough happening out there to be talked about? Is it really necessary to go into every breath they take? They are NORMAL PEOPLE just as we are. Yes, I do think so. Would you be happy if everybody analyzed everything every day or minute what YOU do?! Of course not! Leave them be! Just for a while. And wait till something really interesting happens.

bstudio bstudio

Here you go again - This whole ' blog ' on the Royal Couple and young Son is so very shallow !!

Debbie Learn

This author (Mary Fischer) has a real hate/jealous thing going on for Princess Kate. It's sad. She just wants Princess Kate to fail at everything she does. She's quite the idiot for not recognizing that Prince William and Princess Kate are real people, royal, but real people. Prince George will be King one day, everyone knows that! Hopefully Prince George has a whole lot of fun between now and when he takes the throne. God bless the Royal family.

Jo Anne Talaat

I'm sure if Prince George wanted to be a doctor he would. As long as they have one child willing to take on the throne I don't think it would be the biggest deal if George abdicated. Would there be a scandal? Definitely. Would it be forgotten within the year? Yes. Could they really object to him wanting to be a doctor? And why couldn't he be both a doctor and King? He'd have to stick to King eventually but not until his father passed or handed over the throne to him. This isn't the 1850s. I'm sure a solution could be found if something like that occurred.

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