Chelsea Houska Defends Her Sex Life Against Adam Lind's Accusations

Chelsea HouskaOn Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion, there were some startling revelations regarding Chelsea Houska's sex life -- namely that she cheated on Adam Lind while she was pregnant with their daughter Aubree.

Chelsea herself has admitted repeatedly that she was a party girl in high school, but what about the admission she slept with Adam's brother? Whaa ... ? From what she said, it sounds like that was before she and Adam hooked up, but dang, it sounds like she got around.

The reality star took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the issue.


Girl has a point. Furthermore, this is all in the past, and Chelsea has chosen to grow up and be a good mom to 4-year-old Aubree. When one of her followers commended her for putting Aubree first, Chelsea responded that motherhood had indeed changed her.

And as for Adam's accusations that Chelsea did "horrible" things and "scarred him for life"? Sorry Adam, you are responsible for your own life and how you choose to treat others, and we have five seasons of MTV video footage of you being a less than stellar presence in Chelsea and Aubree's lives.

Keep up the good work, Chels. And please try not to fall into bed with Adam again. We all make mistakes, but Adam is probably one you should quit for good.

Do you think Adam should have called Chelsea out on her sexual history?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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