Chelsea Houska Defends Her Sex Life Against Adam Lind's Accusations

Chelsea HouskaOn Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 reunion, there were some startling revelations regarding Chelsea Houska's sex life -- namely that she cheated on Adam Lind while she was pregnant with their daughter Aubree.

Chelsea herself has admitted repeatedly that she was a party girl in high school, but what about the admission she slept with Adam's brother? Whaa ... ? From what she said, it sounds like that was before she and Adam hooked up, but dang, it sounds like she got around.

The reality star took to Twitter on Wednesday to address the issue.

Girl has a point. Furthermore, this is all in the past, and Chelsea has chosen to grow up and be a good mom to 4-year-old Aubree. When one of her followers commended her for putting Aubree first, Chelsea responded that motherhood had indeed changed her.

And as for Adam's accusations that Chelsea did "horrible" things and "scarred him for life"? Sorry Adam, you are responsible for your own life and how you choose to treat others, and we have five seasons of MTV video footage of you being a less than stellar presence in Chelsea and Aubree's lives.

Keep up the good work, Chels. And please try not to fall into bed with Adam again. We all make mistakes, but Adam is probably one you should quit for good.

Do you think Adam should have called Chelsea out on her sexual history?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Robyn

It was just a failed attempt at taking the heat off of himself. Excuse me, who has two babies by two different young ladies? How often do you spend time with either of those children? How many DUI's have you accrued? Remind me; what happened with your previous relationship? Shhh. Stop talking.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Adam is even more of a lowlife than I originally thought he was, and I honestly didn't think that anyone could get any lower than scum like him. He is older now and no matter what Chelsea did a long tme ago to get back at him, he didn't have to announce it in front of the world and especially with her dad there! He really proved that he hasn't changed at all and probably never will. I wish he would go away and leave poor Aubree alone and maybe someday Chelsea will meet a nice guy who will give her and Aubree all the love and respect they deserve....

Mzz Rebel David

waw, you people really love to idolize these children who been doing wrong since they were 15 years old, i watch teen mom when i can and as far as i can see both adam is ah lowlife for how he treated her an she is a fool for not gettin over adam to this day she still carries around blind hatred for him and she shows it. she's jeleious of him movein on, she's jeleious of his new family. and if i can remember she was dishishg adams buisness as well. i jus cant take sides on crap like this, there both doing crap as far as i can see. the only thing there doin right is keeping that baby grl happy. smfh

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