Dakota Johnson's Already Getting Praise for Her '50 Shades' Performance

dakota and don johnsonSince capturing the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson's praises have been exceedingly sung by her mom, Melanie Griffith. But now, her famous father Don Johnson is speaking out, sharing his real feelings on his little girl being cast in the sexy flick ... 

"I'm exceedingly proud of my daughter. She's a gifted, gifted actress. I don't speak about the obviously salacious nonsense," he tells Total Film.

"Salacious nonsense"? Say what?!

The Miami Vice actor elaborated:

This is the family business -- we all take on challenges and there’s no doubt in my mind that Dakota will be a major movie star. This is just another part of what I think will be a long and important career.

Interesting ... So, in other words, Don's a doting dad who not only has no hang-ups with his daughter taking on the saucy role (whew!), but he wants us to all know that she's no one-hit wonder. That this is the start of a beeeautiful friendship between Hollywood, the public, and Dakota.

Given her pedigree, I believe it! Still, a lot IS riding on how well Fifty Shades does. I realize her pops isn't going to be the one to 'fess up to this, but if it bombs, the movie may very well take her career down with it ... But, hey, if that happens, we know her mom, dad, and stepdad, and grandmother all have plenty of tips on how to bounce back in the biz.

What do you think about Don's prediction for his daughter?


Image via Johns PKI/Splash News

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nonmember avatar MM

of course it will bomb, they chose the worst casting ever for the main characters

peach... peachpies

Well when would a parent ever say anything negative about their child? Pretty much every parent thinks their kid is gifted and amazing. I've always found Dakota to be a dull and lackluster actress, not good at all. She doesn't even look a thing like Ana is described at all. She was cast because of who she knew and they couldn't get their any of their original actresses they pursued. Nearly this whole cast is so off the wall and nothing like that the books describes. I've lost so much interest in this film, I won't be seeing it and having it taint the books for me. I love the books and the characters so much and I'm sticking with those.

nonmember avatar brown eyed girl

She just doesn't look like a girl in her twenties, and that is a big mistake on their casting. There is nothing innocent or angelic looking about her and that's a shame since that is the main reason why he was attracted to her in the first place. Sorry but she looks about 40 years old and is not small or delicate. She is suppose to only be around 5'4. They were better off casting someone who actually looks 21-24 and rather take the risk instead now they've cast someone who is just not believable in this role.

nonmember avatar lily

she is def not a gifted actress.her acting is rather bland...

Shane Richard King

Praise? Really? From who? Some person paid to say nice things. That's only way a bad actress like her would get "praise". She looks 56 not trying to be mean. This movie will bomb so hard. It'll be in and out of theatres before you an say Fifty Shades of Grey. Hopefully then GOOD producers, screenwriter, director, etc. will remake it with the RIGHT cast. Dakota, Jamie, Luke, Rita are so bad it's like a parody of the books.

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