Nathan Griffith's Behavior Toward Jenelle Evans Leaves Fans Disgusted

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Did you happen to catch the Teen Mom 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew last night? Man ... it certainly delivered more than its fair share of Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska drama -- though that's kind of what makes the show worth tuning in for in the first place.

And while fans are bound to have mixed reactions to what Jenelle and Chelsea and the men in their lives had to say -- you aren't going to believe what Jenelle is being made fun of for on Twitter today based on what went down on the show.

Check out this tweet she posted -- it's gotta be about the most petty complaint she's ever received.


People are giving her a hard time because her boyfriend got a little touchy-feely with her on stage? Um, I'm sorry, but I don't see anything remotely annoying about someone's significant other touching their freakin' hair ... do you?

It's not like Nathan was groping her or anything, so what's the big deal?

I know plenty of fans still have a bone to pick with Jenelle, but for crying out loud -- can't we draw the line at criticizing her for ridiculous things?

Good grief. No matter how hard she tries to have a normal life, Jenelle simply just can't win.

Do you think it's obnoxious that Nathan touched Jenelle's hair?!?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar TayTay

Here's the truth. Nobody said anything about her drunk boyfriend touching her hair. She subtweets made up stuff to stir up drama and you people buy into it every.single.time. Can we focus on the video she posted with a BONG by her tub? How about the fact that she tells her ex's that she debates staying with Nathan every day. Or Nathan's habitual drunk driving problem? Try reporting facts.

nonmember avatar Jill

Actually TayTay...her boyfriend isn't a drunk. And any of the "Facts" you pointed out could be just as false as any other rumor about her. Unless you are her or you're her best friend you don't know shit..If you don't like her then why waste your time reading about her? Get a fucking life dude and stop being so jealous of other people.

nonmember avatar Marie17

I agree with Jill. Don't judge someone just because you have to find something wrong with that person. If your not going to be positive then don't worry about reading, watching, or saying stuff you're wasting your time. And honestly there is nothing wrong about her boyfriend touching her hair.

nonmember avatar hayleyyy

Seriously, you do not know her?? Don't judge her, some people are so petty and always have to talk crap.

nonmember avatar Mamabear

Nothing wrong with a man touching his woman's hair. My husband does that and I love it. People are just looking for reasons to hate on her because her mom raises Jace. She's not the only person in America who gave her son to someone else to raise. I'm glad she did that instead of raising him on her own with all of the problems she has. Give her credit where credit is due or shut up. MTV only shows things that get them higher ratings, media only reports what they think people want to hear and here all of these people are judging her based on all of that. Unless you're around her every day to see what she's doing with your own eyes then you shouldn't assume everything you read or see on TV is true or how things are now. Maybe she has changed or is still trying, do you think pointing that crap out every time she makes a post on instagram or twitter is the way to motivate her? Her instagram makes me sick because all people do is make idiotic comments on every post she makes. So what if she did post a video with a bong in it, that doesn't mean she's been smoking it. Pretty sure if she had pot in her system while pregnant she would be in trouble when it showed up in blood work on her pregnancy check ups and every media source possible would be reporting it.

Karen Suzuki

That part I didnt find weird.  I did stop and take notice, tho, like hmm.  Was that her or him cuz you only got a small glimpse at first.   But I did find Nathan a little 'off'.  Cant really describe it.  Drugs--no, not exactly, he did say he was adamantly opposed to drugs.  But wouldnt he be on some type of meds if he had PTSD?  EXTREMELY nervous?  Maybe.  I cant quite put my finger on it.  Maybe it was just me.  Anyone else think he was a lttle 'different'.

amand... amanda-stacy617

My husband has PTSD and hadn't had any meds for years. It's a choice.

hiyam... hiyamommy

I was trying to put my finger on what was different with him on the reunion too... he even kind of looked different.

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