Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Prove They Are Ready to Be Parents Again

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler BaltierraTeem Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the difficult decision to give their biological daughter up for adoption when they accidentally got pregnant in high school. The childhood sweethearts vowed that they would have more children someday to keep, but they knew they couldn't properly care for Carly and wanted her to grow up in a stable home with adult parents.

I'm sure many viewers (um, like myself) doubted that the two would stay together past high school, let alone conceive any more children. But oh boy, have they proved otherwise. They are basically the sweetest couple out of reality TV. And now ... they're ready to have a baby to raise as their own.

The dynamic duo told In Touch magazine that Catelynn went off birth control three months ago, and they are actively trying to conceive! It's been five years since landing on MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom with a teen pregnancy, but they feel the timing is just right now.

They've been together 10 years, are financially stable, and have proven that their relationship can handle some pretty serious storms. Both 22, it's going to be a whole different ball game this time for the couple.

“I would’ve felt guilty if I got pregnant again when Carly was 1 or 2. But we’ve both been yearning for this,” Catelynn shared. “We’re ready to have a baby!”

“I was too young when I got pregnant with Carly -- I was sad and scared,” she continued. "We’ve learned from what our parents did wrong. Tyler and I own our own home, have two cars, and actually have money to support a kid.” AND they both have full-time jobs caring for developmentally disabled adults, so obviously they have experience in caring for other human beings.

But Catelynn's keeping it real too, admitting, “We have no doubt that raising a child will be hard. But I know we’re going to be really great parents.”

I have no doubt either that these two will make excellent parents. They've already proven that they have it in them to do the hard things for their kids in their best interest. They gave Carly the ultimate gift of love by giving her to Brandon and Teresa to raise, and they gave their future kids the gift of parents who got their crap together before making the decision to raise children.

I hope they don't have any problems conceiving, because with the amount that Tyler and Catelynn dote on each other, I can't wait to see them fall in love with not only a sweet little baby, but with parenthood too. They seem ready for the challenge. 

Do you think Tyler and Catelynn are ready to raise a child on their own?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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Prett... PrettyShort

I think they would make wonderful parents and they are a amazing couple and I am glad they got everything together before trying to bring a baby into this world. Good Luck!!!!!!

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

That's disgusting. 

You can't properly take care of your first child, but you are ready to take care of a child because you want it? 

Seriously, when will these two stop with their 15 minutes of fame

nonmember avatar cherrypop87

They were still in high school when they had Carly. They are a little older now and they are in a different place mentally now. I watched them on vh1 going through counseling and it seemed like tyler was unsure of what he wanted as far as being with Catelynn. So I wonder what changed going from calling off the wedding on the vh1 show to now wanting a baby...

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

NOTHING has changed....we just dont get to see it weekly.

If you had watched their special on MTV he still had doubts in the winter time!

These two are just much of a train wreck then anyone else.

And carly will be so glad she didnt have to grow up with them.

mommi... mommii2bee

ABCMomma,  do you know these people? They gave their daughter up for adoption when Catelynn was FIFTEEN! They didn't feel as though they were responsible to raise Carly on their own so they found a couple that could do that for them. The ignorance dripping from your finger tips is appalling. Giving that baby up was what they thought was best. Who are you to judge?

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

I can judge because they are public figures....

They shouldnt be having more children....

They had that chance and were selfish assholes about it.

And now just sit and cry about never seeig carly.....

hiyam... hiyamommy

I dont know them personally but based on what I saw on various shows Catelynn is desperately in love and scared he is going to leave her. Tyler has made it very clear that he is unsure of the relationship lasting and has even expressed he feels somewhat of an obligation b/c of the image they have as a couple.  Perhaps them having a 2nd child is in attempt to "fix" things. 

If Catelynn has his baby, he will stay.  If they have a child together that they raise, he thinks it will cure some of the resentment, anger,  etc. 

I have no doubt they would love this child and do their best, but when in doubt, dont.  They are still very young and havent ever developed as individuals and I think everything would feel better if they waited until they were solidly in a marriage and everyone was fully committed.

Mellisa Martin

well it seems like everyone has some sort of  criticism to say about it but all I have to say is good luck and you shouldn't judge these two when there are so many other things that go on in this world with couples that have children besides these two deciding to give up a child for adoption. They obviously felt it was the best thing for her and it turned out it was for all of them and for someone to soley judge them when there are many other couples out there that have done just the same things as they are doing. Just because they are public figures does not mean you even know them all that well because they do not show everything on television and you will never know what it is like to be in their relationship or to be in their positions. 

nonmember avatar Marianne Barker

I think it is great that they want to try and have another baby. If I was 15 and having a baby I might have given the baby up for adoption too. 15 is to young to have a baby. They need a lot of care and attention, and at 15 you can't do that. Its hard to take care of a kid as an adult much less than a child. Its better to have stability before having kids.

Kelly Bach Render

Yeah and ABC mom you shouldn't have your kids either if your hatred that you spew on here is taught to them. People bitch about kids not being responsible and they did what was right even though I really think they would have made great parents even at 15. Jealous that someone so young has their shit together when you don't? 

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