Catelynn Lowell Is Paying a Painful Price for Her Mistakes (PHOTOS)

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Catelynn Lowell

Yikes! Remember a couple weeks ago when Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell got slammed for drinking with Tyler Baltierra on her way to Ireland?

Well, it looks as though the good times didn't exactly stop rolling once they made it to Dublin. Catelynn and Tyler were actually in the city to speak at the Love Life Festival, but it appears as though this trip wasn't exactly all business.

Here are a couple shots of Catelynn and Tyler sampling the local (ahem) flavor.

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra

And then here's a pic Catelynn shared on Instagram a few days ago.

Catelynn Lowell foot

OMG. What the heck happened?!?

She captioned this shot with, "Oh you know foots still messed up since Ireland lol #won'tforget #neveragain #williget #thatmessedup! Hahahahaha ouch"

Damn. It certainly looks like those Jager shots got the best of her. Poor thing.

You gotta feel for her. It's pretty safe to say we've all had a night or two (or 200) in our past when we've gotten just a little bit too wild and wound up suffering the consequences for days on end. (Am I right?) Unfortunately for Catelynn, she got something a bit worse than a bad hangover out of the deal, but hopefully it's nothing too serious and she'll be back on her feet in no time. If nothing else, I'm sure she'll go a little easier on the booze the next time she takes a trip across the pond.

Have you ever done something stupid when you were drunk?


Images via Instagram/Twitter

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ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Yup, apparently I went swimming on the floor. 

But why are these two still in hte public eye? 

When will their 15 minutes of fame be up?

MomBre22 MomBre22

She's pregnant again, so never.

Amy Hyland

Since she's drinking to the point where she's injuring herself she needs to stop drinking and partying so much! And her and Tyler are planning to have a baby.......real nice!! They set such a bad example!!

Sadie Walters

this is ridiculous!! You know like 98% of women have gotten a little to plowed to do much of anything, or have gotten too drunk to remember who they banged the night previous, so naturally you judge her like the losers you are!! get a frickin life, i am unliking this page.. nothing but crap for posts! who cares if she went to ireland and drank beer!! frickin stupid!

nonmember avatar BrownEyedGirl

I am just curious to why it matters if she dranked and totally got screwed up? I mean seriously she is an adult and is respinsible and isnt always in trouble and doing more degrading things like certain other teen moms... So how is she setting a bad example to her future kids by going out and hvn a good time and enjoying being young before having more kids? There are many high school / college kids doing way worse than her all the time. Give the girl a break and let her enjoy her young years before having more kids.

Hailey Nicole Launder

Why does it even matter? when will they be left alone, how many women arent in the public eye say they want babies but when they go out to dinner have a couple drinks? what was the point in the story? she is young she gave her child to a couple who were older established and would be able to give her a life they would not be able to she is young and so is he, why cant they go out as a couple and drink together. I dont know why the lady in the previous comment said that was setting a bad example i think they make selfless decisions, they had to go through some serious hurt and make major decisions as children and managed to make the correct ones, instead of being hateful to people and posting nasty comments about them on a little blog about them dont read and dont share your negativity. That is more of a bad example then someone of age having a drink. plus this article is dumb... just to say she sprained her ankle.. people do that sober everyday.

Amy Hyland

The reason I said catelynn and Tyler are setting a bad example is because they are! And it has nothing to do with the fact that they placed Carly for adoption!! Catelynn and Tyler are supposed to be "young professionals" who work for a Christian adoption agency and travel the US and speak at speaking arrangements about adoption and to help out young teens but they drink and party "a lot" they don't do it just once in while, even on couple's therapy they drank alcohol all the time, that's how they are setting a bad example! If you google catelynn and Tyler, you will find many articles about them drinking and partying and if you take a look at their twitter/Instagram you will find many pics of them drinking and partying......seeing as how Bethany Christian Services is against drinking and drug use they shouldn't be living that lifestyle, it could cost them their jobs!!! And since they are supposedly planning to have a baby it's time for them to move out of the "drinking and partying phase" and move into the "let's settle down and make a serious commitment phase" so they can be positive role models and set a good example to their future child they are planning for!!!

Stephanie L. Vidrine

So, What you're saying is, it's not Christian to drink? LMFAO. I know SEVERAL Christians, who aren't Christians then. They aren't pregnant yet, so what if they have some fun. Bump it. It's their lives. Tons of parents drink, and do worse stuff then what they do. Give them a break. 

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