Why Andy Cohen Encouraged That Epic Fight Between Porsha and Kenya (VIDEO)

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This week on The Real Deal, a prop was necessary. I had to go there as an homage to The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Kenya MoorePorsha Williams, and the fight that keeps on giving. But what did Andy Cohen have to do with it? And WHAT about Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson's hidden boyfriend? This week I examine True ToriDance MomsCelebrity Apprentice, and ALL the Housewives, past and present.

I spend some time with #HairGate and go over seasons past with hair pulling -- why was this time different?

Besides Atlanta, the question for me is whether Orange County's Vicki can ever choose the right man, based on what's happening in the press as we speak. OC newbie Shannon Beador is either a victim of editing or really down on her husband or both. In the video below, I explain the possible scenarios. And go a little Phaedra Parks on Shannon. Just a little.

On The Real Housewives of New York City, I explain why certain cast member replacements are working for me and others aren't (being as objective as possible here, viewers!). Aviva Drescher, Heather Thomson, and Carole Radziwill are all examined, and I do pick a winner -- as of this week, anyway.

tori spelling

Bethenny Frankel put her foot in her mouth, but I think I know what she was trying to say ... maybe. There's already a lot of chatter about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's new show True Tori, and I have questions for YOU about it. There were some interesting photos online this week, of estranged couples, estranged friends, former castmates ... and I give you my opinion on ALL of that.

Finally, what do Porsha Williams and Abby Lee Miller have in common?

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Do you think Andy Cohen encouraged that reunion attack?


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D.j. Lord

why would he encourage it...thats a tough one

nonmember avatar crazygal

Andy likes to stir the pot. He is just accountable as everyone else involved in the fight.

Carolyn Strauch

Alex, this would be so much better if you had your script/notes...at eye level rather than looking down so much.

nonmember avatar crazygal

Haven't watched the show with Tori. Both of them did cheat on their spouses. What do you expect to happen.

Elaine Nae Nae Solomon

i do believe bravo helped instigated that fight. maybe this is their way of trying to get porsha off the show. when clearly lying and date buying kenya needs to leave. when porsha was trying to tell how she knew about kenya's trying to pay someone to be her date andy di not say "oh let her finish".now tha was something to show kenya's character.

Bobbi Potter

Alex, about Carole....I totally agree that I am tired of hearing about #Bookgate. However, I think you should read pages 3 & 4 of Carole's Bravo blog this week. She does an excellent job of explaining the "book thing." Well worth the read and I have to say, I understand how she feels.

nonmember avatar Adam

Andy AND bravo 100% planted the seed+instigated the fight. If they didnt want a fight, Kandi & Porsha's seats shouldve been switched. Let them argue from separate couches, not from only seats away. All the feuds were separated except for the BIGGEST one - Kenya/Porsha.
Andy was laughing at all the jokes Kenya made towards Porsha, as well as even commenting that he felt bad for her scepter while it was on the floor. & porsha, after having gone thru so much+already being weak, probably felt even weaker+more insecure after feeling that Andy is Team Kenya. Andy says that neither him or Bravo condone fighting, but EVERY commercial promoting the reunion included the fight, as well as it coming up in WWHL interviews prior to it airing. Also why can the MedicineWives fight but Housewives cant?
The fact that Andy went into Kenyas room after the fight & said "What happened?" proves that he is SO fake. He was right there the entire time, & most likely had a feeling something was going to happen. Then it happens & he goes from enabling Kenya to acting super naive+innocent. I think producers just wanted a woman who was young+very easily manipulated in order to get ratings up, & it worked. Now they have chewed Porsha up & are spitting her right back out & got exactly what they wanted: ratings skyrocketing thru the roof. Lucky for them they can find another Porsha in ATL in a heartbeat!! This just proves that, to producers, being their employee comes first & ur own actual life comes 2nd.

Cynth... Cynthia.B

Swing that light-saver! LOVE the props way to go

I did not watch The Tori show and were not going to,waste of time. 

Not happy about Abby's new show sounds silly,not going to watch that.

When you said you were in the Hampton I thought of Jill & wondered if that's were you were.We saw her beautiful home on TV just a few month's ago then you posted the photo of you and Jill  so lucky for you guys ! Glad you rstill friends with Jill I always liked her felt bad how Bethany treated her. 

Cindy Webb

props such as the fan and the scepter i get however the bull horn should have never been allowed. kenya did exactly what she set out to do and porsha gave her the satisfaction. sad really. however i must admit if i had been porsha i would have done the same thing. i don't think it's ever a good thing to put your hands on anyone however i also think that for some people that is all they understand. it would be great if we could all come to the table and have discussion but if we could do that then there would be no world wars. not everyone is willing to play nice and kenya is one of them. i've really had enough of her. so Kenya this is for your, "don't come for me, i will send for you"


nonmember avatar brian

I really wish you would tell us what you and Jill were up to and all the juicy details!!! We all miss u 2 on RHONY! Tell us everything!

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