Kate Middleton Insults Prince George Without Even Realizing It

Kate Middleton Prince George

D'oh! After making a perfectly harmless comment about her baby, the Duchess of Cambridge may wind up with thoughts of "insert foot in mouth" running through her head. She gets criticized for practically everything these days, from taking a vacation alone with Prince William to committing a major car seat faux pas.

And now Kate Middleton went and called Prince George fat. You know somebody is going to have something to say about it.

Ok, so she didn't come right out and say, "My baby is fat ..." but she did use that particular word.

It happened while she and Wills were visiting with students from the National Indigenous Training Academy in the Northern Territory in Australia. One of the students asked her whether or not she was missing Prince George since he'd been left behind with his nanny. And that's when Kate said, "He's been changing so much while we've been away."

Totally innocent. I know. But then she laughed and added that "he grew an extra fat roll."

(Oh, Kate.)

Aww. Little Georgie-Porgie isn't so little anymore. But is there anything cuter than a chubby baby?!? Who else finds it very endearing that George has a little meat on his bones?

I know Kate was simply being cheeky (isn't that what they call it across the pond?) and the comment wasn't meant to be anything but a joke. Still, using "fat roll" to describe a baby could possibly be seen as a bit demeaning. I mean, I totally get where she was going with it and I find her words rather cute, but you know there are people who will take what she said out of context.

Sigh. Even if you're the most famous mother in the world, you still can't do anything right.

Do you find Kate's words about George offensive?


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Lilith23 Lilith23


why the fuck would that be offensive, i call my baby booger troll because he likes eating them lately ooooooh i should be ashamed right??!

Gosh she didn't say " uh i think i gave birth to a fat ass roll ball".

Give her a break.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Traditionally in England and all over Europe a "fat" baby was desirable. Even though we may not think so today, it was considered a good thing for a baby to have some meat on it's bones--it meant it would probably live. BTW, why can't we just let Kate be human--in this case a human mom?

nonmember avatar Jillian

Really? Why is this even news worthy? If someone is "offended" by this they need to GTFO.

Laura Staton

No I think people make to much out of an innocent comment.. Geeze GROW UP PEOPLE!!

amazz... amazzonia

why do you spend time writing this things?!

nonmember avatar Sandra Tindle

Who cares I called my son chunky when he was little all babies get chunky and cute and than they start to crawl and walk and it goes away.

Valerie Poltorak Bleser

All babies, pretty much, are plump...that's why as they grow and slim, it is said "Oh, they've lost their baby fat" D'oh. No biggie

nonmember avatar Glenda Ball

Can anyone question that this child is loved and adored by his parents...and the world? It is a sweet and friendly comment; not an insult at all!

bstudio bstudio

 The Royal Couple and their son's trip to Australia has become an obsession !!! Leave them alone !!


Cath Yandell

its good for babies to b chubby cause if they get sick they have that extra bit of chubbiness to loose i think he lovely and kate loves him to so pleasde leave the royals alone they are normal caring loving parents and great people to so please back off

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