Juan Pablo's Proposal to Nikki Ferrell Is Simply Unthinkable


Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

Well, well, well ... it looks like everyone's least favorite Bachelor just might be even more controlling and selfish than we ever expected. According to a new report in Us Weekly, Juan Pablo Galavis wants Nikki Ferrell to change careers -- because apparently pediatric nursing isn't quite exciting enough.

A friend of Juan Pabs says, "He wants Nikki to work as a model or TV personality in Miami."

In case you were curious as to whether Nikki had made the move to Miami yet, she hasn't. She's still living and working in Missouri and there's no way in hell Juan Pablo is going to relocate to be with her. She's going to have to pick up and head south if this relationship is going to go anywhere.

But while expecting Nikki to be the one to move isn't all that outrageous -- considering Juan Pabs has a child and can't exactly abandon her -- don't you think it's kind of uncalled for that he wants her to give up the career she's so clearly passionate about? (If this rumor is true, of course.)

Just think about how much time and effort Nikki put into becoming a nurse as far as studying and all things education-related go. Do you honestly believe she'd throw all that away for the sake of being featured in magazines or on some local Miami TV show?

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I mean, I guess she could always do a little modeling on the side or something, but if Nikki moves to Miami, she should have no problem finding a job at a hospital there so she can continue doing what she loves.

And wait a second -- didn't Juan Pablo say he loves that Nikki is a nurse? (Oh yes ... he did.)

If what this source says is true, then Juan P. really doesn't give a rat's ass about what Nikki does for a living -- as long as it means he doesn't have to work as hard, what with her bringing home all the bacon. Oh come on, money has to be his motivation here, right? If she moves in with him and suddenly becomes a local superstar, she'll make enough to support the both of them and Camila and he won't have to lift a finger ever again.

What Nikki does with her career is up to her and only her. Period. And hopefully she'll remind Juan Pablo that she's in control of her own life before it's too late.

Do you think Nikki would switch careers to please Juan Pablo?


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Donna Shue

i think there both crazy an if she wants him good for her because i think hes a ass


nonmember avatar Kim

Ummmm....I don't Nikki has what it takes, looks or otherwise to be a superstar model. She's"ok" but there's no way the top agencies would want her. And, she can be pretty bitchy. She should probably stick with nursing.

nonmember avatar ElaineBenes

Being a "local celebrity" does not set one up financially for life. Even many real celebrities are not financially set for life as we see Hollywood actors and NFL athletes filing for bankruptcy after making millions. Juan Pablo may very well be a selfish and manipulative person, but even he is not dumb enough to imagine that some modeling cash Nikki may make isn't going to land them on Easy Street for the next 70 years.

aly33 aly33

Most of the ppl on this show are looking to be in the entertainment industry. Duh. I'm tired of the Juan bashing. He picked a girl and until I see quotes from her bashing him, I'm for this couple.

Maryl Murphy

I don't think this story is true. He may want her to move to Miami to be with him. I doubt he wants her to switch careers.

count... countrygirl48

if i was her i would not give up what i love to do  he need to get a real job and bring home the bacon his self it is all about the money Nikki please don,t give up what u love to do it is not right that u should have to give up what u love doing best 

nonmember avatar Donna Rae

Get rid of him. Your career is much more important and it took you how many years to go through school. You will find somebody that loves you and appreciates you.

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