Robert Pattinson's Latest Rumored Gal Pal Is Nothing Like Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonWell? I guess we can kick the rumors about him dating Fifty Shades of Grey star Rita Ora to the curb, because now there's a report going around that Robert Pattinson is seeing Cleo Wade -- who just so happens to be Katy Perry's friend and stylist.

Apparently Rob and Cleo really hit it off at Coachella, and an "alleged source" told The Sun that the two of them spent quite a bit of time together over the weekend. Oh, and they also "seem to have good chemistry" -- which is definitely a plus.

And based on this photo of Cleo, it's clear that she's a bit of a switch from Kristen Stewart.

Katy Perry shared the pic on Instagram, and supposedly Cleo is the second woman from the left.

Katy Perry and friends

Yep. She's gorgeous and kind of exotic-looking. And she also seems much edgier and more bold than KStew, which is definitely a better fit for Rob. He strikes me as the type who needs an outgoing woman who knows how to work a crowd without clinging to his arm the entire night. And considering Cleo is wearing a crop top and skirt, which appear to have "Hell Yes" written in sequins, I'd say she fits that description and then some.

But we probably shouldn't get too excited about this relationship just yet. Only yesterday, there was some rumor going around about Katy Perry and Rob having a baby together -- so at this point, anything is possible.

Do you think Cleo seems like a good fit for Rob?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Sharon

Really guys? This must be a slow day...I wish him the best of luck in his search for women he's happy to be around, but honestly, I don't see him taking Cleo home to the family. She really doesn't look like she fits with him. Nothing personal against her. I know...maybe he's just having some fun. Go Rob!

nonmember avatar juju

How many women can Rob date at the same time?

nonmember avatar Upgrade

Anyone will be an upgrade from KStew. I think he just had a good time at Coachella, there were no reports of any kind of PDA.

I hope he can get in and out of Cannes without his ex co star trying for a photo op. She's bad news.

nonmember avatar leo

Leave out Krist Stewart name with this gang of women of Mr. Pattinson . She is going farther with life and career. It is his the thing, that girl with the boy rpattz .

nonmember avatar Nova

I think this Cleo chic is nasty looking.. Rob to each their own but really.. Your a good looking man Kristen is a beautiful talented young woman and she is a lot prettier.. Just saying

nonmember avatar Delaila

I agree wt sharon. Rob only fit wt kristen.

nonmember avatar Allysa

I think she's exotic, pretty, and looks like a girl. Perfect fit fr Robert.

nonmember avatar elise

Omg why the hell can't people admit that rob and kristen aren't together anymore? Its like a dog with a friggin bone give it up already. They both seem way happier apart than they were together. So I say if rob has a new gf good for him. I'd like to see kristen follow suit and get back on the dating train.

nonmember avatar Jr

Really? Good gracious you guys are running low on options. Rob please look around some more. If you couldn't better than Kristen you might as well go back to her .

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