Kate Middleton’s ‘Gross’ Parenting Move May Horrify Some Fans (VIDEO)

kate middletonShe may be the future Queen of England, but Kate Middleton certainly isn't above doing something millions of moms do every day: Cleaning drool off of Prince George's face with her bare finger and then wiping it on her designer dress. Sure, most mothers are in yoga pants and a ratty T-shirt when doing a spit-wipe, but hey! That's why we love Kate so much. She's just like us ... yet not at all in any way, shape, or form.

The "incident" took place when Kate, Prince William, and adorable little Georgie were at a wildlife zoo in Australia. The little prince was admiring some of the animals, with a big ol' string of drool hanging out of his mouth, when the Duchess stealthily swooped in, cleared her son's face, and subsequently wiped it on her gorgeous yellow lace dress. Actually, if she weren't Kate Middleton, i.e., The Most-Stared-At Woman on the Planet, it would have been easy to miss (the woman's crafty!). But alas, since everything she does is on film and closely zoomed in on, the world 10 times over got to see the clip. And I have to say, it's downright adorable and yet another testament to how down to earth the Duchess really is.

Okay, I'll quit blabbering, because I know all you really want to see is a video of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, wiping spit off of her baby's chin. It's the little things, isn't it?

Doesn't get much more adorable than this, now does it, folks? Love this woman!

How cute is Kate Middleton? Do you ever wipe spit off of your baby's face with your bare hand ... then wipe it on yourself? (You know you do!)


Image via Instagram

kate middleton


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Dalia Sukkar

Nothing wrong with what she did......She is a normal human being and not from Mars

nonmember avatar seroiusly

Really. This was newsworthy? A mom wipes baby spit on her dress. Whoooohoooo fucking hoooo

Kathy Welch

Typical Mom..So adorable  <3


Debbie Learn

2 thumbs up for Princess Kate who wiped drool off her baby's face and wiped it on her designer dress. It shows she is "real" even in designer clothes. Shame on those of you who don't show Princess Kate respect by addressing her by her royal title. You show the world you're a special kind of stupid.

nonmember avatar AussieGirl

Debbie Learn- they don't address her as Princess because she is not actually a princess. Her official title is Duchess of Cambridge. So, unfortunately, it is you who is showing yourself to be "a special kind of stupid", as you so eloquently put it.

She and the Princes are in my hometown today and I'm hoping to catch a glimpse! Wonder if Prince George wants to have a playdate with my little man?

Colleen Lovegrove-Martin

Nothing wrong with this..she is just normal like us all..leave her alone..

Zdravka Rostočil

They are such a nice family and God bless them....What Kate did is just normal---she is lovely mum:))

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