Kate Middleton's Awkward Experience With Wills Sounds Just Awful! (PHOTOS)


Prince William Kate Middleton

As their Royal Tour continues, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Ayers Rock on Tuesday, April 22 -- but the gorgeous photos taken of them in front of the landmark were anything but easy to capture.

Sure ... they look all sorts of perfect in the shots, but would you believe they had flies swarming about them the entire time? (Gross!) Yep, poor Kate was even seen swatting them away, so you can only imagine how horrible it must have been to have to stand there for an extended period of time. (Thank GOD they didn't bring the baby along.)

Here's the pic ... do they look uncomfortable to you?

Kate Middleton Prince William

But despite the less than pleasant conditions, the couple made the most of the opportunity to be in such a beautiful place, especially since their visit was reminiscent of when Princess Diana and Prince Charles posed for pics at the same spot in the 1980s. And while Kate and Wills obviously chose modern and updated attire for the photo op, they still dressed in neutral earth tones the same way Diana and Charles did. Oh, and the dress Diana wore had a belt around the middle just as Kate's does here. (Perhaps that was worn on purpose in her honor?)

Kate and her prince also reportedly shared a sweet and somewhat romantic moment in front of the rock. While waiting for their photos to be taken, Wills looked at her and joked, "So what shall we talk about?"

Too cute. Like they were on a first date or something. (You gotta love it.)

Are you impressed that Kate remained poised despite having bugs all over her?


Images via Chris Jackson/Getty; Pool/Getty

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nonmember avatar Mary M.

I have faith in them both, Together!

They can and will overcome any challenge.

Their love will keep them Strong, Always!


Anna Simms

Kate & William are doing a great job,we still love Diana but this is Kates time now please.

Ann Mancini

Theycertainly are doing splendidly and you who run this piece continue to insultingly address the Duchess as Kate Middleton ,which she is not.WHY inverted snobbery or wanting to keep her in her place.You shopuld be ashamed.

Debbie Learn

Duchess Kate is a very classy lady! When life gives you a swarm of flies, you do like the classy Duchess and shoo them away. Prince William and Duchess Kate are a beautiful looking couple and very strong in their relationship with each other. And because of that, they will overcome!

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