Kim Kardashian Is Thinner Than EVER in Skin-Baring Ripped Jeans (PHOTO)


Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian

Whoa. The little crash diet she's been following in order to gear up for her May 24 wedding is obviously working wonders; Kim Kardashian looked minuscule in ripped jeans while out and about in Calabasas with Kourtney Kardashian on Monday.

And when I say ripped jeans, I mean rippppeeed jeans -- not jeans that have a couple holes in them due to general wear and tear.

Actually, you'll probably wonder why in the heck Kim didn't just throw on a pair of Daisy Dukes and call it a day, what with how torn up these things are.

Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian

Geez! I wonder if she purchased them in that state? Whatever. Let's get back to her incredible shrinking bod. Um, have you ever seen her legs look so slim?

And to offer a bit more perspective on just how much weight she's lost -- compare her size in this photo to Kourtney's. Exactly. There can't be more than a five-pound (or so) difference between them. And considering just how tiny Kourt is, it's clear that Kim really is a fraction of her former self these days.

But with about a month to go before she marries Kanye West, let's hope Kim doesn't get too much more carried away with taking off the pounds. At the rate she's going, she'll completely disappear before she walks down the aisle.

Do you think Kim looks better than ever?


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Lisa Robnett

i think she looks just fine and she don't have to prove herself to anyone....

Virginia Martin

waiting for announcement of another baby on the way. kim is losing weight too fast. she looks good but her quicky weight loss and plastic surgery will be telling on her too soon.

nonmember avatar Tessi

She looks stupid.

Nneka Nzegwu

i guess kim is getting ready 4 her last wedding

nonmember avatar Ban Kardashians

PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR, DON'T WRITE, TWITTER, TEXT ANYTHING Kardashian for a week, better yet a month and if you want to me nominated for a Pulitzer don't even think about them for a whole year.
A family of whores led by the insane!!

nonmember avatar me

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Emmanuel Bandoh

Ripped or torn, it still fits Kim Kardashian, the number 1 model in the world today. Fashion is the mainstay of the Kardashian Kollection, and KK epitomises it. owurakwasip.

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