'DWTS' Recap: Meryl Davis & Maks Are Obviously Hiding Something

Meryl Davis Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Wow. Who else had an insanely great time watching Dancing With the Stars tonight? The party anthem theme was so much fun -- and brought back so many great memories from the past. (Well, at least it did for us "older" folks.)

Now that we're at the halfway point of the show, it really seemed like some of the dancers came out of their shells tonight -- because they know they have to stand out from now on or face elimination. And while there were plenty of great performances this evening, it's no secret that Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy took the ballroom by storm with their tango.

I mean ... DAMN. Do those two have insane chemistry or what?

And even though I hate to go there because it's SO cliche -- there has to be some sort of attraction/flirtation/some level of sexual tension brewing between the two of them, right?

I don't know what it is, but there's this underlying "quality" they have that I just don't see in the other couples. It's like Meryl is so sweet and innocent but then again she's so into Maks at the same time. At some point they're going to spontaneously combust if they don't finally bite the bullet and give in to temptation.

Maybe I'm reading way too much into their partnership, but I'm honestly sensing a decent level of "OMG I want you" there.

And if they don't wind up in the finals, I'll be beyond shocked. I guess that brings us to whose journey ended tonight on DWTS -- and not surprisingly, this was the end of the road for Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke. He's a nice dude and all, but he just doesn't have the technique or talent of some of the other contestants.

Do you think there's an attraction between Meryl and Maks?


Image via ABC

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Debra Silverman

Most definitely! I think Maks is in love, and they make a great couple!

nonmember avatar SK

She is an amazing athlete and performer. If there is truly nothing there with Charlie or Maks (who aside from both being great athletes and graceful performers, seem like polar opposites) than no man can ever trust her emotions^^. All she has left is a career in porn, where faking is an art!

Stephanie Kott

Totally...they make a great couple!!!!

nonmember avatar MG

It's performance art, and anything more would make the performance difficult. They understand, acting, in the moment, and whatever we have to do to create that moment. Mutual respect, emotional connection, and understanding without question.

nonmember avatar Elle

No, there is no chemistry between them whatsoever -- are you kidding me ? What a dumb question ....

nonmember avatar Susan

She is the best thing that ever happened to Max. Don't let her go!

nonmember avatar Pat

There is definite chemistry & it's great to see someone tame Max. They are awesome.

nonmember avatar Nina Finch

I have always had a love /hate feeling towards maks.. and truely think he and his bro are the most smoldering guys on the show.. but always felt maks was cheated year after year because he never won. Now I know why, no one gets him like Meryl or could match his ability. His time has come, if they don't win this year the show is a sham

Chris Blue

I think there's definitely something between those two. I can understand why there wouldn't be with Charlie-they've been partners since they were little, & I get the feeling they see each other as family if anything. And Charlie, while a handsome looking fellow, is totally the opposite of Maks-Maks is more the intense, 'bad boy', sexy type. I think too sometimes we WANT to think something's going on-I mean, they're both good looking, they dance great together. It's like when Julianne & Appolo were on, everyone wanted to believe there was something going on. But either way, the only problem with DWTS romances is that they don't last-I mean, celebrity romances don't tend to last forever in general, but it seems like once the season is over, they're not together as much, they don't have the common goal of the show anymore. 

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