'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Autumn Can't Rely on Her Baby's Daddy

16 and pregnant autumnWe've seen our fair share of deadbeat dads throughout the years on 16 and Pregnant and even on Teen Mom. But none were as shocking and astounding as Autumn's baby daddy, Dustin.

Tonight's episode featured Autumn, a 16-year-old sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. She and her boyfriend Dustin (who spent the entire episode clad only in a camouflage sweatshirt and a bright orange frayed cap) have been dating for a year and spending every day and night together. Despite her mother's warnings and pleas, and even after she recently saw her 18-year-old sister give birth, Autumn got pregnant. 

Her mother even went with her to get birth control pills or a ring, but Autumn "didn't want to get fat." "And now you gained 40 pounds," her mother quipped. Touche!

So to get a better idea of what they'd be facing in a few short weeks, Autumn's and Dustin's moms took them to dinner to discuss plans for the baby. It was here that we found out that Dustin had made one purchase for the baby: a rundown crib that he bought at a yard sale for a whopping $1.

And worst of all, when his mother asked him if he'd give up smoking weed when the baby was born, he responded: "Most likely, I'm going to get high ... if someone comes over with weed and the baby's not there, I'm going to take a hit." If his mother's shocked reaction wasn't enough, Autumn began to cry. "What's the big deal about that?" he asked. "It's illegal, that's the big deal. And you have a child coming," his mom responded.

Shocked. Just purely shocked. A boy (and notice I said boy) who cannot afford to buy his child a proper bed can spend his money on getting high. Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the priorities of this 18-year-old.

Luckily, he managed to pull his act together for a little while and called around to ask for a job. He finally found work at a local bike shop. But the good moves didn't last long because Dustin's mom (who has clearly been fed up with her son's childish antics) called the cops on him when she found marijuana in his room. The situation was later settled, but it's clear that he's not entirely removed from the bad habits.

So to test him on his new-found supposed sobriety, Autumn and her mom convinced him to take an at-home drug test in a restaurant bathroom. He passed. Well, barely. But still passed.

And thankfully just in time for the labor. Which he missed a little bit of when he fell asleep on the delivery room couch. Really, dude?

But a few pushes later, baby Drake was born and almost immediately clad in a camo vest, just like his pops.

The blissful moments didn't last long, however, because as soon as Autumn arrived home with the baby, Dustin was entirely MIA. Physically, emotionally, and financially. At one point he came over and handed her all the money in his pocket. A massive $2.50. Which promptly went to a box of wipes that would be completely used in the next 48 hours.

Even worse, when he revealed that he made $40 per day, and Autumn asked him to just give her $40 per week, his response was: "Whoa, whoa, that's two grams." He quickly declared that a joke, but the sentiment wasn't lost. He clearly didn't feel the need to help.

So on Valentine's Day, Autumn and her mom drove down to the courthouse to officially file for child support.

As Autumn even acknowledged in her confessional at the end, her life had completely changed. A boy who she thought was her true love turned out to be nothing more than a deadbeat dad. He wasn't supportive, he didn't devote time to Drake, and he didn't help Autumn with any baby-related expenses.

Unfortunately, that's the sad reality for many teen moms. They often dream of happy outcomes, but more often than not, they're met with hardships, financial difficulties, and are separated from their baby's fathers. Hopefully for Autumn, Dustin shapes up quickly.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Will Dustin be more supportive?


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nonmember avatar Esperanza

I sympathize with the girls and these awful father choices. What about the girls that are on some power trip and deny the guy the right to father and see and support their child. Then get pregnant right away! Being with mommy isn't always the best choice. I hope the court rules in our favor for once!

D.j. Lord

so mommy was pleading but still allowing her kid to spend every day and night with the guy?..he was what he was and still is..seems like mommy and autumn got what they asked for..dont cry now

nonmember avatar miranda

And yet after all of this these two teenagers are engaged! What is she thinking?!

nonmember avatar Frannie

I don't get these girls. Do they not watch other seasons of the show? Do they actually expect that their pothead redneck boyfriends are going to suddenly morph from children into adults just because their girlfriend has a baby? I don't know how reflective of reality this show is, but it seems like 90 percent of the dads on this show don't bother to step up to the plate. Also, I don't know anyone who has gained more than a pound or two from taking the pill. Just ridiculous- every one of them. Good for her for getting child support, but she's still an idiot.

Tiffany Celestia Tolle

the fathers name was dustin, the baby was drake, you called the baby daddy drake a few times in this article

nonmember avatar Kez

I wish these girls had watched more of Catelynn and Tyler's episode. This poor baby could have been adopted into a 2-parent stable family. I pray for all of them.

Laura Palmer

Wait... you mean to say a teenage girl got pregnant by a teenage boy, and he wasn't reliable???? That's shocking!

a.nic... a.nicole.beaver

Kez, Why should a teenage girl have to give up her baby because the dad is a dead beat, when apparently she has support from both of the grandparents? There are plenty of babies and children out there that need and want homes, why should another baby be put in that situation and possibly take the spot of another child that needs and wants a home more?! I plan on adopting a child later on in life, and I won't be adopting a baby from some teenager! I will adopt a child that is in need of a home because they were in a bad situation and was taken away, one that knows how hard life is and is going to appreciate what I am able to give him or her.

A mother can raise a child way better and a mother and father can any day, I watched my mom do and a lot of other women and teenage mother.

nonmember avatar grandmoma

My daughter is dealing with a deadbeat dad. But with the exception, he has never laid eyes on his son. My daughter has worked and provided every single thing for her baby. Though young, she has grown up and faced her responability head on. You do not need a deadbeat in your life as well as your baby's life. They do not deserve to have that right when their choice is to be a kid. Be strong girls, it is hard but it can be done. I am proud of my daughter!

nonmember avatar Nezzy

I think he might be slightly developmentally disabled. He really has some signs if it..

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