Jenelle Evans Betrays Fans in a Way They Never Saw Coming (PHOTOS)

jenelle evansSomehow those Teen Mom stars are still able to shock us at times. If you are a fan of Jenelle Evans, you have pretty much seen her do everything over the years -- have a baby, fight with her mom, brawl with other girls, go to jail, break up, make up, and the list goes on and on. Though her latest move is a new one -- and something her fans definitely won't like.

She has made her Instagram account private. It's certainly a surprising move for the reality TV star. After years of sharing every single aspect of her life via MTV cameras or selfies, she has shut down access.

You have to wonder why? What's with the sudden interest in keeping images of herself away from her adoring public? She is betraying the very people that are keeping her relevant. Sharing all that personal information is the only reason she's famous. Seems totally out of character for the young woman who not long ago posted a pic of her bare baby bump while soaking in a bathtub.

Though we have the suspicion this change is only temporary. The reason? Her Twitter account is still wide open for anyone interested. She sent these tweets not long ago:

And ...

So much for keeping her private life private.

Why do you think Jenelle closed off access to her Instagram?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar JB

Her instagram is private because she posted a video and had a bong in the background and her followers called her out.

Taya Tarango

its her life and sometimes it has to become private regardless of the reasons


pebokm07 pebokm07

LMAO she maybe realized she needs to grow up after so many killings of pregnancies. Hahahha stupid little girl. Who cares.

a.nic... a.nicole.beaver

Wow! She set her instagram to private! The world must not go on, we all are going to die, because the one and only, Jenelle Evans, made her Instagram PRIVATE!

Why can't you people just get a life and stop making everything these Teen Mom girls do a big thing! They do have their own lives to live, just like everyone else.

nonmember avatar Lia

Maybe because it's her business? It's not betrayel. That is the dumbest title I've ever seen. If you weren't following her, sucks. You obviously didn't care enough to. Stop over analyzing this girl. She's a human just like the freaking rest of us.

nonmember avatar Kaity

Maybe she wanted her life tone private who cares, she has cameras around her 24/7 let the poor girl have something that fans aren't commenting on and telling her how messed up she is. She is finally starting to fix up her life.

Jo'Laniqua Ling-Ling Yayoi

I'm sure it's one of her other personalities who shut it down! Just wait ... she'll publicise it again in no time.

As for the comment above that "Janelle is human like the rest of us" ... I beg to differ. Never have I disrespected my Mom the way she does, while I still find her good enough to dump my kid off with. Then continue to use drugs, and sleep around. While I decide which baby is good enough to abort, and which is good enough to keep (We'll see how that "keep the baby" goes!). Choose between that law & a Ke$ha concert. Scream at my man & antagnize him enough to get physical, then play the poor innocent me card. Get into numerous fights with women & men. Act crazy & possesive if my man talks to another girl.... should I go on?

I this is "normal", then I guess I'm the idiot! 

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