French Montana Is Giving Khloe Kardashian Something Lamar Never Could

khloe kardashianThere's a lot of talk about Khloe Kardashian and French Montana right now. Clearly, there's something going on with them, but ... what exactly? Some say they're a full-on couple (they sure look like it), while others say they're just "having fun" and seeing where it goes.

It's really none of our business what Khloe and French are doing, and lord knows she has her share of naysayers (cough, Kim, cough), but I say Khloe goes for it with French. According to plenty o' sources, he "treats her amazingly" and "makes her feel really good."

Doesn't the woman deserve that after the hell her dirtbag of an ex-husband put her through?

Should Khloe be "rushing into a relationship right now"? I suppose a psychologist would probably tell her it's best not to go full speed ahead. But if she's feeling happy and loved and secure right now, that's the best medicine for her. From what we saw on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and the media, and her Instagram page), Khloe was in a pretty dark place when she was in the thick of it with Lamar. And one doesn't just "snap out of" something like that. If French is giving her the things Lamar never did right now, so be it. They don't have to get married. But there's certainly nothing wrong with them dating.

And if nothing comes of anything with French, at least Khloe will have learned that there are guys out there who know how to treat a lady. That's definitely more than we can say about Lamar. Good for you, Khloe. Hope you're enjoying every minute of this after the last year of your life. No one deserves it more than you.

Do you think Khloe and French Montana should take things slow?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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Tina Davis

SMH, leave Lamar alone and let Khloe live.

nonmember avatar joyce

I think stars just need to date, why marry, most don't last anyway. Kim for sure is going to be in for a rude wakening with Kanye. Khloe needs to enjoy her great life and have fun.If this guy makes her happy right now, just stay on that track. Life is rough the way it is and people all want the same thing Rich or Poor and that is to be Happy.

nonmember avatar sally

Wow so beautiful khloe baby ur to pretty for DAT guy he has lots of drama there is so much out there for u go on an explore

Charles Almon

I thought that was Jennifer Lopez.

They removes so much of her chin and jaw.

nonmember avatar julie Kemeling

it's easier to get over a man and you find another man to spend your time with no matter how much you love that other person it helped me to date somebody else when I was going through a divorce I've been with him every since 16 years so you never know what might come out of it but it's always easier to get over somebody with somebody else khloe I wish you all the best you're my favorite Kardashian sister:-)

Ade Tobing Umeh

be happy my love ... cos we have done enough to being hurt cos of a husband and a boyfriends who like to cheat on us as a wife and girlfriend .... they will regret and fell emptiness in life as we fell cos of they nasty behavior ..

nonmember avatar Priesilla Joyce

Your so beautiful you can have anyone just make s hure they treat you good cause you deserve it khloe

there... theresaphilly

They both are still married, so they can go but so fast. What is French giving her; she is doing the same thing with him as she did with Lamar: dating a married man and dating a man with a past drug history. I am certain that Lamar did the same things French did when they were first dating for TWO WEEKS!

Bonnie Cobb



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