Richard Gere & Padma Lakshmi Make One Odd Couple

richard gere, padma lakshmi

Some celeb couples just weird you out. You know that freakish feeling you get when you hear of a pair that just don't seem right together? The reactions range from "How the hell did that happen?" (think Sandra Bullock and Jesse James) to "Yuck!" (the universal response to the news that Lisa Marie Presley was marrying Michael Jackson). The latest surprise celeb coupling may not be as bad as those, though it does seem a bit odd.

Richard Gere is dating Padma Lakshmi. Apparently, they started hooking up in the midst of his divorce to wife of 11 years, Carey Lowell.

A source tells Us Weekly that it's all very new and the pair are in the "getting to know each other" phase and "just having fun." Umm. Yea. This just seems odd. And it has nothing to do with them individually. They seem like perfectly normal, attractive, well-adjusted stars. They don't manically jump on couches to profess their love or have a string of mugshots.

They both certainly have interesting dating histories. Laksmi used to be married to controversial writer Salman Rushdie and has a baby with Michael Dell (the brother of computer icon Michael Dell). Gere was married to Cindy Crawford before Lowell.

They are probably pretty great people -- at least to everyone except their exes. Still, there is something a little off about this couple. Dying to know how they met, what they talk about, what they actually like about one another?

What do you think of the Gere-Lakshmi romance? Are you surprised?


Images via Rob Reed/Flickr & IFC-the-Internet/Flickr

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D.j. Lord

dont see the problem..but some are just full of bile


I am scratching my head trying to figure out where the fuck your thinking is. There isn't anything wrong with this picture. I also find it odd that you go into their past relationships. Gere is what in his 60s now? Guess what he's going to have a past, as is Padma who is 40 or near that. Your eye is extremely skewed on this one.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I'm wondering if she is a Hindu because he is a buddhist, maybe that's how they connected.

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