Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Get an Early but Welcome Surprise

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

It's time to bust out the champagne, people! Nathan Griffith was released from jail earlier than expected, so now he and Jenelle Evans are back together again and happy and all that good stuff.

Yep -- Jenelle reportedly picked up her honey yesterday. They were able to celebrate Easter Sunday in each other's company instead of her visiting him in the big house. And if having Nathan back home early wasn't sweet enough, Jenelle has a doctor's appointment today, and it sounds like a fairly major one.

Yep. Time for another ultrasound. And even though she'd be excited to see Kaiser on that screen regardless of whether he was there or not, it must be extra special to have Nathan present to share the moment with her.

Oh, and since she gets to petition for divorce from Courtland Rogers on April 24, it will be great for Jenelle to have Nathan's support then as well. (Guess they really lucked out as far as the perfect week for him to return home.)

Come on ... aren't you just a little bit happy for Jenelle that she and Nathan will have a couple more months together to get things in order before the baby comes? (That's something every mom-to-be deserves.)

Are you surprised Nathan got out early?


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needa... needadvice1983

That poor baby. Two idiots for parents.

nonmember avatar Anita

All these people with rude comments about them need to take a look at there own life. You cant tell me that as a mom/dad or even as a teen you havent done something you shouldnt have. Atleast she is trying her best to be a mom and no one is perfect so until you step into her shoes and live her life you have no right to judge. Btw last time I checked the only person that has the right to judge anyone is God!

chero... cherokeegoddess

maybe she'll grow up this time. i know no one is perfect, but she's trying her best. i'm not a fan of hers either but people do deserve the chance to try to turn their life around. i wish her luck.

Michelle Dellett

I may not agree with all Jenelle has done but she loves Jace and she is on the right track so all the haters need to take a look at their own lives before passing judgement on hers...... Stay positive Jenelle!!!!!!!

Alicia Kiner

I didn't know he was in jail. Plus, it seems to me that maybe you should actually get divorced before you deliberately get pregnant with someone else's baby. Just saying. I'm definitely rooting for Jenelle, and I've always thought that a good portion of her issues lie with her mother. But you have to admit, the girl doesn't always make the best decisions for herself. I hope things really are turning around for her, and the she's happy. I really do want great things for her and her boys. The boys definitely deserve it.

nonmember avatar Meg

the state they live in required them to stay married for a year, time to think, get counseling etc. They really didnt want to be married so she patiently waited a year before she could even petition the court & even then they could be denied... South Carolina or North whichever they live im has some odd laws..

Nikole Pritchard

You have to be married for a year before you can be divorced in NC but it can be anolled if it's less than a year, she just didn't go through the right steps lol.

Akeita Kandelishus Kay Floyd

Everyone makes mistakes but she is slowly growing out of old ways its hard I was a teen mom at 15 so I understand

Katie Marie Horle

yea if she was a mother to began with. She didn't even try hard enough for the first child Jace what the hell!

Aamy Aamy

Why are we supposed to care about these 2 train wrecks ??? Yeah ooooo what a role model, daddy in jail even before the baby is born. Wonder how long it takes before she is droppping off this baby with grandma so they can run off and live it up. 

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