Now Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson Are Supposedly Having a Baby Together

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry

Apparently the hookup rumor surrounding them isn't enough to satisfy some tastes, which is why there is now a story floating around saying Katy Perry wants to have Robert Pattinson's baby -- because duh, who doesn't?!?

But wait -- this gets even better.

Supposedly she's telling friends she really wants to get knocked up but that she's not interested in having a boyfriend or anything like that. Meaning she wants a child and figures Rob is the perfect specimen to supply her with one -- but she doesn't expect him to have any sort of romantic relationship with her.

(Gee. How's that one going to work, exactly?)

Oh, and did I mention the only reason sources say she wants a baby is because she thinks a kid will make her even more famous? I mean, getting preggo by one of Hollywood's leading men has to count for something as far as A-list status goes, or so you'd think.

OMG. Are you even believing how ridiculous this whole thing is? Seriously, who the heck came up with this rumor?

As far as anyone can tell, Rob and Katy are just friends, and odds are good they're going to stay that way. Don't you think they would've gotten together by now if there were any sort of romantic feelings between them?

And the idea of them conceiving a child together simply for the sake of doing so is absolutely preposterous. They're both totally involved with their respective careers right now, so why in the heck would either one of them want to add a baby into the mix? Uhhhhh ... kids have a way of taking up all of your spare time, and it's not like either of them really has any to begin with at this point.

Plus, isn't it kind of important to, you know, love the person you choose to procreate with? Rob and Katy may be modern and mainstream, but they're certainly not stupid.

Come on, people -- can't you come up with a juicy rumor that's remotely believable? You're ruining all the fun.

Do you think there is any way Katy wants to have Rob's baby?


Images via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar No Name!

That's all bullshit! they said nothing just friends. but it's rumors did said that Katy want to have baby with her friend Rob. She's not talking about Rob. She did denied that she was dating Robert Pattinson and they admits they are just good friends . She said that she want to have baby with another guy whom is that she can have baby. But it's not Rob. You idots!! why everyone made and set up that they could be couple? they're stupid people. I hope that they're wrong!

nonmember avatar unnamed

Now i hate katy perry for this. Rob is only for Kristen and Kristen is only for Rob. Rob is only the Father of Kristen's child in the future and the only mother of Rob's Child is Kristen. Period!!! Get out of their way katy perry. I like you but now. I don't know. -_-

Maria Cannizzo

she is stupid if she wants a baby from a man that does not love her, he loves kris and always will.


nonmember avatar ana felicia

omg really? im not sure about the kris thing well... kris and Robert has been making news all this time and I not sure if they like each other anymore.....I hope they do cos they are perfect and I think katy is not that stupid to do that!

Caryn Burton

OH MY GODS!!!!  Please stop feeding the lemmings!!!  This is insane!!!

nonmember avatar nicola

I hope Rob and Katy start dating! katy is nice

Evelyn Williams

Boy, somebody's grasping at straws here. Say anything to get readership. THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS!!! Sure, there are ways of getting around being physically intimate for having a baby, but why tie yourself down if you don't have to? If you want something to love that bad, get a dog! Adopt a baby, there's enough out there needing a stable home life, without willingly bringing one into this world. Think about what it does to your body!!! Before I had my first, I weighed 117 lbs. I'll never see THAT again. Stop with the rumors already! Stop stirring up the bees nest! There are enough women on this sorry planet hoping that they're going to be the mother of Rob Pattinson's child, without you all adding to the mix. So help prevent suicide, STOP!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

nonmember avatar Paula

umm NOT EVEN there are two fakes on Facebook that were and probably still are pretending to be them and have been saying they are having a baby together and Katy was PISSED when she found out !!! and this rob is only for Kristen and Kristen for rob thing just grow the hell up you don't know either of them Kristen has been with other men AND Dakota she just doesn't flaunt it around and knows how to lay low.. they are NEVER being back together he doesn't have trust in her for more than friendship and she accepts that. if she can be over it why the hell can't other ppl you all need to learn she is NOT anywhere close to being Bella nor is he ANYTHING close to being like Edward.. jeez grow up

Kelly Dill

No way. They are both in their careers and not ready for a baby. I dont beleive he is totally over Kristen either. They all are having fun being young and enjoying life so let them be.


Lucy Exarhopoulos

Rob & Katy doesn't look good together. Perfect match w/ Rob is Kristen , are u guys blind u can see it even on photos. Katy for some reason look odd w/ Rob. Nobody can compare except Kristen Stewart. Katy Perry looks bossy.

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