‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Recap: Kenya Moore's Smack-Down Was Totally Deserved

Kenya Moore It's the hair-dragging moment we've all been waiting for since news broke that Porsha Williams (and her fabulous mugshot) spent some time in the clink for it! That's right. It's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion time! The episode started off snooze-tastically but ended with a literal bang. Porsha grabbed Kenya Moore and dragged her to the ground in the most GIF-able moment I've e'er seen on reality television. 

If god is merciful, the insanity will only continue next week on the second installment of the reunion. Even though I knew it was coming, I remained shocked that it was Porsha who erupted into violence. I should qualify that statement: I was pleasantly shocked -- maybe her new boobs have given her some Lady-Hulk rage superpowers? Whatever the cause, I'm in full support.

I condone violence. That's right, I said it: Sometimes logic and reason are useless and the only effective tool is a bitch-fight. Again, qualifications are necessary here: I only feel this way in terms of reality television, not, like, the crisis in the Ukraine.

But we aren't talking about Vladimir Putin (and more's the pity). We are talking about Kenya Moore. The woman whose insanity is so vast and inviting of ire that every woman gathered on Andy Cohen's couch had a completely understandable reason for wanting to drag her across Bravo's top-quality reunion floor.

porsha williams dragging kenya moore

New working theory: If you are the villain on a reality show, do not bring a scepter and brandish it in the faces of your enemies. Unless you actually have a working knowledge of the dark arts, this will only inspire them to physical assault.

I'm furious with Porsha, but not for the reasons you'd expect. I'm mad because she allowed herself to fall for another one of Kenya's ploys. Now Madame Moore has something else to hold over her. If you doubt that she is the Iago in this tragedy, let me point out that rather than start crying about being embarrassed or hurt ... she started wailing for Porsha to be fired from the show. Boooo hissss!

Somewhere Velvet (who Kenya probably shipped off to live with her "African Prince" ... you know what I'm saying here) is looking on with disgust. RIP, Velvet: You were too good for this world.

Do you think Kenya planned the whole thing?


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nonmember avatar Dolores Lesica

Kenya is a piece of garbage! Miss Lawrence get away from her while you can! Porsha, I’m sorry that you allowed her to upset you in that way, she was planning this for a long time! Bravo, Kenya is the one that should get fired, she has riled every one of these ladies! BRAVO, DO SOMETHING ABOUT KENYA, SHE SHOULD NOT BE ON THE SHOW!

nonmember avatar Monica

Though I don't condone what Porsha did ---- Kenya surely did provoke it!

Allison St. Pierre

I'm sure somewhere in their contract it says they need to look like hoochies and act like idiots.  Can't believe these "women" are adults.  To me, they're jokes.

Liz Pinzon

Kenya had been prodding, and verbally and emotionally abusing Porsha since Porsha started in the series.  I'm amazed that Porsha has remained a lady throughout all this time.  Seriously, I watched and all the hate I have for Kenya came out and found myself cheering Porsha on,  Andy Cohen you are a piece of crap.  Knowing that Kenya is known for pushing buttons on all of the ladies, you allowed Kenya to come into the show with a wand and megaphone.  What did you think Kenya was going to do with these items?  She only had bad intentions and you know it.  After the fight,  Andy Cohen you then had the freakin nerve and the audacity to take the high road and say that getting physical with another member is not allowed and told Portia she couldn't get back on the panel and that she had to apologize.  Cohen you freakin jackhole , because you allowed Kenya to bring these things into the show you might as well of been an accomplice in the fight.  No respect for you anymore dude, you shady jackhole.

Lori Metrick-Lewis

Kenya deserved exactly what she got. She should not have been allowed to have "props" on the show with her. She needs to go. Please fire her!

nonmember avatar Lisa

Andy, Kenya is so ingenuine. She is fake and talks for reaction only. Why is she allowed to provoke these woman? It's not right. If she diesnt want negative things said to her then she needs to stop aggravating stGe situation. She deserved every second of this.

Stacey Williams

Andy thinks it's funny with Kenya and her bull horn see the smirk on his face.......he loves the drama. He can also take blame in what happened by allowing the props to begin with. Do I think Kenya deserved it yes! If this had been on an episode this would not even be an issue. It is only because it was on a reunion show.Kenya is trouble has been since day 1 when she started!

nonmember avatar robyn A

They should have the her finish beating the crap out of Kenya then let Phaedra have whats left

Belinda Holloway

I think Kenya Moore should be fired she bring bad vibes to the show and if she stays I will stop watching the show as much as I like the show I will not support the show with her in it. Porshia should of and did whip her ass, which was well deserved. And as for you Andy if you don't condone violence why did you allow those props to be on the show YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE APPOLOGIZING TO PORSHIA

Char Marie

Kenya def. needs to go...violence isn't the answer but who wouldn't want to pop kenya if you got stuck that loud mouth hoochie in the same room. . ...I purposely miss episodes and dont' watch anymore cause of Kenya. Can't stand her. 

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