Mila Kunis' Baby Bump on Display After Getaway With Ashton Kutcher (PHOTO)

Ashton Kutcher, Mila KunisBump alert! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis just got back to LA from a quick jaunt to Louisiana, and the adorable actress' growing bump was on full display in a stripped top, scarves, and khaki pants. Also on display was that ice on her finger -- that thing is practically a skating rink!

The recently engaged couple haven't revealed when their baby is due, but we do know they're having a girl, and from the size of Mila's normally taunt tummy, I'm going to ballpark her at six months. Maybe five and a half? Oh I don't care, just look how cute she is pregnant!

Mila Kunis Pregnant

Anyway, the couple seemed to take full advantage of the culinary virtues of New Orleans, so maybe Mila was craving Cajun?

Maybe not, since they seemed to be more into tacos and beer (for Ashton, at least), but Mila did indulge at least one cliched pregnancy craving -- ice cream.

The couple reportedly stopped by the Slidell Soda Shop after their Mexican food, where they stayed and sampled for about 20 minutes.

"Mila was trying out all kinds of ice creams. She tried the Rocky Road and then got two scoops of Thin Mint," a source told E! News, "Hopefully she gets more ice cream cravings so they will come back." The source also mentioned that Slidells was the best ice cream in town, so apparently they picked well!

How far along do you think Mila is?


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below... belowzero

I do not think the word "taunt" means what you think it means...

missy... missybest

I am so sick of hearing about "baby bumps".  A baby is not a "bump" and it is so disrespectful.  Our society has become a pit of disrespectful, uncaring people.  How about we try using some class?

Kerfu... Kerfuffle

Belowzero - I also found the "stripped shirt" interesting.

cherylam cherylam

Has she confirmed a pregnancy? Confirmed she's having a child, much less a girl? Until she confirms it, or pops out with a kid, its not my business. I can't imagine walking anywhere in public and people staring at my stomach, trying to guess 'if' I'm pregnant, much less what I'm having. By the way, its 'taut', not 'taunt'. Two words, two totally different meanings. And what's a 'stripped' shirt? Do you mean 'striped' shirt?

nonmember avatar Milinda

I really don't think this is worthy of being a news article. Who cares how far along she is?

amand... amanda26983

It would suck being a pregnant star, I mean they couldn't tell she didn't wanna be bothered??  and i think the term "baby bump is cute... its not talking about the baby!  


ellas... ellasdaughter

I think that the term baby bump is cute and I think that the problem with America is that they have become overly sensitive. As far as her confirming her pregnancy, she has confirmed it. As to answer the question at the end of the article I would guess that she's about four to five months. pregnant.

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