Neil Patrick Harris Has Some Harsh Words for an Inappropriate Fan

Neil Patrick HarrisWho doesn't love Neil Patrick Harris? I mean, the guy is just universally likeable. I'm pretty sure not liking NPH is akin to not liking puppies and butterflies and ice cream. It's just not natural.

But there's a time and place to show your appreciation to the star for the act of existing, and during his live Broadway show is not one of those times.

Harris is currently playing a transgender East German punk in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and one fan's love was enough to cause them to yell from the audience during the middle of it, "I love you Neil!"

Without breaking character or missing a beat, he responded, “I’m doing something up here, ­motherf–ker!”

The retort was reportedly met with "rapturous applause."

This is almost as good as that time in Mexico he Instagrammed his "drinking binge." See? How can you not help but love this guy?

Do you think NPH should've reacted to the fan?


Image via vagueonthehow/Flickr

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Coles... Coles_mom

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I am SO in love with'd leave my husband for or not.

nonmember avatar Foster


Trust me,you're not the only one ;)

D.j. Lord

so i love u gets a mf? i could see if it was an insult but a praise should be ignore or made light of

Charl... Charlyla2

I love NPH! He handled it perfectly. Theater is just not what it used to be. People are rude and inappropriate. It's very disappointing. NPH stayed in character and moved on. Fabulous!

.anon... .anonymous

Audience member was being disrespectful to the performance; NPH handled it beautifully.

prplecat prplecat

It's Hedwig and the Angry  INCH, not ITCH.  *facepalm*

nonmember avatar Valarie

I love NPH! Gay or not! He's awesome!

nonmember avatar Jena

Albeit the person was trying to get attention, I believe the response was crude and would have ruined the performance for me.

Megan... Megan11587

The fan was incredibly rude, even if his comment was not.  I don't blam NPH at all.

Sunny... SunnyDaze87

ugh..never liked NPH. What a way to show your fan some love like they were doin you by callin them a motherfucker. hope they*re no longer a fan of his&if you*re "doin somethin up here" why not just ignore it? To get a standin ovation. Loser.

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