Jordin Sparks Stuns in Teeny Bikini Despite Her Struggles With Body Image (PHOTO)

Jordin SparksOnce famous for being a big girl with a big voice, former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks shed the weight a couple of years ago in the healthiest way possible -- by cleaning up her eating habits and amping up her physical activity.

Home girl looks fantastic, and she's obviously been able to keep it up. She spent the weekend in Las Vegas to tout the opening of the Tao Beach season at The Venetian. Before hitting the red carpet in a bikini, the singer took to Instagram to share a pic and some thoughts about her body.

"My bathing suit today! BIG step for me to wear something like this on a carpet. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it was for a pool party...but for ME, this was HUGE. I'm still learning more about my health & body confidence everyday! I always want to keep growing! Some of the pics might look crazy & that's okay! Will there be some unflattering angles? Yeah. Will I have some jiggle here, some flab there? YUP. Am I continuously working to be fit & healthy? SURE AM! I've come a long way from where I was! I love my life! I love who I am & who I'm becoming!! One step at a time..."

Jordin Sparks

Sorry Jordin, we're not seeing any flab. You're just going to have to be OK with looking gorgeous.

Would you be brave enough to wear a bikini on the red carpet?


Images via Jordin Sparks/Instagram

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BGarcel BGarcel

Yes I would as long as i get to pick the bikini. Now... in what world is this a teeny bikini? It's average. It has modest coverage.

Mom.4... Mom.4.JSP

I liked her a bit more curvy.

.anon... .anonymous

She looked so much healthier and more beautiful when she was thicker. She's too thin now.

morgi... morgiefae

i don't think she looks too thin, she looks HEALTHY

nonmember avatar Amby

I don't think it's that she's too skinny. I think that bathing suit is very unflattering. Doesn't look very good on her, or probably anyone at that.

nonmember avatar phishmommy1981

I'll wear a bikini after my tummy tuck. stretch marks suck lol

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