Anna Kournikova Still Hasn't Met Enrique Iglesias' Father Julio After 12 Years

Anna Kournikova, Enrique IglesiasEnrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have been an item for more than 12 years now, but there's one thing they haven't done -- besides getting married, that is. The couple, who says they're happy not making things official, have not met together with Enrique's famous father Julio.

In fact, Anna's never even met her boyfriend's dad. The Latin pop star told the April 2014 issue of Billboard magazine, "The last 14 years, 15 years of my life have flown by. And that's the only way I can truly explain it ... there's no reason why -- it's not his fault, and it's not my fault."

Huh. Seems like it's somebody's fault! Doesn't this sound abnormal to anyone else? I mean sure, don't bother introducing the parents until you're in a committed, secure relationship, but you think after more than a decade together, it would be time?

Or maybe this is just one of those things that goes on for so long that it turns into a bigger deal than it needs to be, so everyone just avoids it.

Or it could have something to do with Julio's refusal to collaborate with his son on any projects. The star, who is the best-selling Latin music artist of all time, said last year, "Singing with my son is something that would come off as very commercial ... I think that he and I will never sing together. If we sing, it will be at a dinner, when he has kids and wants his kids to sing, just like my little ones do. I don't believe in a public commercial duet between my kids and me."

Well, if Julio is going to sing with his grandchildren, I suggest he at least try to meet their potential mother.

How long do you think is an appropriate amount of time of dating before meeting the parents?


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Bruic... Bruickson

I didn't meet my husband's parents until 3 yrs into our relationship. His mom was in Michigan, dad in California and we are in mississippi. His dad lives here now so we are all pretty close but I've only seen his mom twice in our entire 10 yr relationship. She hasn't even met her only grandchild who is 4 yrs old now. I'm not upset about it though because his mom is a crazy person who pretty much only calls if she needs something.

Freela Freela

What does it say about my ILs when my first thought is, "Lucky!"

berit berit

Haha @Freela. My husband and I see my parents more than we see his mom. My parents live thousands of miles away in another state... totally his choice some families just aren't super close

Austi... Austinsmommy12

Freela is right! Lucky indeed! Oh to be so fortunate lol.

Lina Nicolia

weird. Seems like someone is avoiding the "family" issue. What ever works for them....they don't need approval from the old man......or disapproval. They are doing their own thing and it's their business.

badgi... badgirl44654

Hello! Iglesias is a Hispanic name, hispanic people don't get married like gringos do. Why do you think they have 2 last names? One is their mother's, the other from their father. If the parents are married they have the same last name twice. Not rocket science.

4baby... 4babyfeet

I have been married 11 years and met my MIL once. She came to visit and spent 3 days here when my oldest daughter was 4 mos in 2006. She has never seen our youngest daughter born in 2007. Maybe it is because we live in different states (CA and I live in OK), I get that it can be expensive. She always tells us to come visit that she would like to see her granddaughters but it would be cheaper for her to come visit us. I view it as her loss! My mom died in 2012 and she is the grandma that they remember and carry in their hearts.

nonmember avatar Steve Hadler

I met a woman online, who only lived like 15 miles away. There was instant chemistry the night we met and we were pretty much inseparable from that day on. When I told my parents about her, my dad said, Don't be bringing her around here for at least months. If we're still together then, then bring her by and we'll meet her. I was dumbfounded. I was introduced to her mom and step-dad within say a week and we did everything with her side of the family! BBQ's, dinners, drinks, family Birthdays, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, concerts, party's, etc... I didn't understand my Dad's or parents decision there! And we stayed together for just shy of 3 years. My parents never met her Mom and step-dad in 3 years! So I say, give it a month max. and if you're still together get introduced into each others families! If my oldest daughter started seeing someone, #1 I want to meet him asap. #2 I want him to be invited to attend family functions and hang out with us. #3 I want to meet her boyfriends family to gauge them and see what they're about.

tamul... tamullen607

My parents had met my exdh while we were still just friends. They met my DH once when we were in high school, but they don't remember it. They met him again 8 months after we got married and I was 7 months pregnant with our first together.

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