Miley Cyrus's Hospitalization Is More Serious Than Anyone Realized

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Miley CyrusWhat the heck is going on with Miley Cyrus? She's been in a Kansas City hospital for a few days now. Miley suffered an allergic reaction to the antibiotic cephalexin and has been hospitalized ever since. In fact, she may be there for another month! And all of her remaining Bangerz tour dates have been postponed. All of them! Wow, this sounds pretty serious.

Suffering an allergic reaction so bad you have to be in the hospital for this long is pretty rare, so some people (not me!) are suspicious that this might be something other than an allergic reaction. Like there was that time she went to the hospital because she accidentally cut herself. But, no, I think this time people think it has more to do with Miley's well-documented extra curriculars.

Miley is adamant that this isn't a drug issue -- and is lashing out on people on Twitter who suggest otherwise:

Also, there's the theory that Miley is really heartbroken from the death of her dog Floyd -- and certainly the stress of losing Floyd plus her tour could have overwhelmed her immune system.

Miley reportedly had a sinus infection and that's what required the antibiotics. Well, Miley is trying to make the most of it while she's confined. She recently tweeted a photo of herself in a Donald Duck oxygen mask with the words: "This hospitals full of a bunch of QUACKS 🐤 (get it??? Quacks)." Hahaha. Keep your day job, Miley.

And get better soon.

Any words for Miley?


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nonmember avatar Sally

People wouldn't think her people were lying if her people didn't keep changing the story from one ludicrous explanation to the next. They've given out four 'reasons' already. I can't wait to hear what crazy thing Number 5 will be.

Sarah... SarahHall58

Who cares. At least her tongue is IN her mouth and she's not making a fool out of herself for a few days.

Chloe Henry

i agree with SarahHall58 because she's technically an addict to sticking out her tongue and she cant ever keep her tongue in her mouth. finally no more pics of her tongue.

Cindy Mullenax

Either way, MAYBE She will get the HELP She needs and tone it TOTALLY DOWN, because Her behavior and the way She presents Herself is NOT in a Positive LIGHT...It has ALWAYS BEEN PROVEN that the INDUSTRY WILL CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT!!! The madness NEVER stops...

Cara Ray

AHHHH WHATEVS!!! SERIOUSLY....the BEST part IS that her tongue is in her mouth....well, that and she isn't being as much as a mouth breather that we all saw. How old is dat beyotch??!! Pretty certain they have her in the pediatric ward (the O2 mask).....

nonmember avatar Alex R

She should stop posting photos to the world of herself in the hospital if she doesn't want attention all on her.

nonmember avatar Holly

From everything I've read about Miley's symptoms, she probably has Stevens- Johnson Syndrome. This syndrome is caused by an allergic reaction, and it is often caused by an allergy to an antibiotic. This is a very serious condition and people must be hospitalized, sometimes for many weeks, as soon as they are diagnosed. It can be fatal if not aggressively treated and can also leave permanent scarring.

In the days leading up to Miley's hospitalization, she mentioned many symptoms in her tweets(cough, fever, fatigue etc), that point to Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Also, she is covering her mouth in the photo she shared, and this syndrome causes blisters on the tongue, lips and inside the mouth. This illness is one of very few that is caused by an allergic reaction to antibiotics, and that is also severe enough to put someone in the hospital. I'm pretty sure, therefore, that it's what Miley has. I wish her the best. It is a very bad illness and cant take months to fully recover. It sounds like they caught it early, which is good news.

nonmember avatar weaselspleen

Christ you people are relentless. She's an idiot, and I can't stand her, but ffs, your phony outrage and smarmy superiority is disgusting.

nonmember avatar lee

Seriously? Leave her alone! It's her life and she can do whatever she want regardless if idiots disagree. If you all have negative comments and dislike her, then why are u all all over her business? Stupid people get your priorities straight.

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