Corey Simm's Wife Has a Message for Leah Messer About That Cheating Gossip

Miranda Patterson, Corey SimmsLeah Messer Calvert sure stuck her nose in it on the Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew. The reality star threw down that her ex-husband Corey Simms was sending her inappropriate text messages the week before he married Miranda Patterson, and that he cheated on her when they first got together.

While Miranda didn't directly respond to the allegations, she did take to Twitter to say, "Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.” Come on, who else could she possibly be passive-aggressively tweeting at other than Leah?

What's really interesting about this, if it really is directed at Leah (again, how could it not be?), is the fact that she doesn't deny the validity of the claims. She seems to be throwing out the old glass house argument and warning Leah not to throw any rocks. Or something about a speck and plank.

The other interesting thing about this is that it sounds like Leah has some shady secrets of her own! I mean, we all know she cheated on Corey waaaaay back in the early days (before they got married), but could Miranda know something more?

Or is she talking about Leah's current husband Jeremy Calvert? What if the tweet meant, "You better be careful, Leah, when making allegations about cheating husbands. Maybe you should go check the barn door."

Or maybe she was just tweeting about the importance of hand washing in every situation, including finger-pointing. It is a germy world out there, you know.

Do you think Miranda was Tweeting at Leah?


Image via Miranda Patterson/Twitter


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Jo-Ann Tuohey

Miranda should not only tweet at Leah, she should smack her in her stupid mouth. Leah is the cheat, the one who doesn't get enough attention so she needs to seek it elsewhere all the time. Miranda is a lovely girl and I'm sure Corey would never take back Leah and her whining, self-centered ways. Jeremy is the one who should watch out, because he's working and trying to support his family, Leah thinks that she isn't getting enough attention again and we all know what that means, she has to go out and have sex with someone who will talk to her.

Karen Plum

Sure she was If you ask me Cory and Leah will never be happy with anyone else.

nonmember avatar Jamee Ooten

I think if Miranda was directing that towards Leah she shouldn't have done that yes Leah outed Corey but if Miranda had a problem with it she should have confronted her face to face and explained how she felt instead she has caused unwanted drama and now those little girls will have to pay the price when the adults start fighting like children ...... Leah shouldn't have aired Corey's dirty laundry on TV but Corey shouldn't have done it either and if he was still hung up on Leah he should have never remarried ....

nonmember avatar Lia

Leah makes me ashamed to share a name with her!!! We've watched Leah ADMIT to cheating... Twice! Once was within the week of her wedding! I am so tired of hearing how Leah is the "best mom on teen mom 2." She's not! Have we honestly seen Leah be INDEPENDENT!? No! She's always depended on someone else, & she can't be alone! I hate when she cries because it's bs! She brings all the problems (besides Ali's health) on herself! She jumped from relationship to relationship, and introduced Aleeah & Aliannah to all of them, which is not healthy! She rushed into adulthood by getting pregnant at 16, she rushed into marriage with Corey, rushed into relationship after relationship, rushed into getting pregnant again (though it ended in miscarriage,) rushed into a marriage with Jeremy, and rushed into having Adalynn, and SHE wants to COMPLAIN that her life is hard?! I understand that Ali's health is out of her hands, but everything else she brings upon herself. I'll admit, there have been some things that Leah has SAID that are wise, but ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, PRINCESS. In my eyes, she's just a whiny drama queen that needs attention. She started that dentist stuff, but went back to Corey so he could provide for her. I've been on Corey's side from the very beginning, and that's where I'm staying. All support to Miranda for sticking by her hubby's side!

nonmember avatar kirstin

I love Leah screw his new wife...

Stacie Quarterman

I'm sorry but I think that Leah is a good mom and it's hard to have one sick child I think that Jeremy there for a little was going to pick his job over his family I'm sorry but why would you do that and even when he promise to not to leave or go far far away from his family to New Mexico so and Corey's wife needs to shut her mouth and stay out of Leah's and Corey's Business Leah is a loving mom stay in there Leah and stay strong

nonmember avatar Kat

I don't think Leah would have said any of this if it wasn't 100 percent true. That being said, it really wasn't necessary to say it on live TV in front of millions of viewers if she wants a stable coparenting relationship. That was unbelievably inconsiderate. It is nobody's business and she was just trying to take the focus off her own issues, which is wrong because SHE signed up for the show, not Miranda, and presumably Corey only did it to make Leah happy. For the sake of her kids she needs to be careful what she says. Things seemed to be going so well, and to hurt Miranda like that was just wrong.

nonmember avatar Meow

Leah should have kept it zipped. In more ways than one. even if it's true. Also Leah is not happy at all with Jeremy. It's very very obvious what a lonely person she is.

nonmember avatar opps

She shouldn't have tweeted it and ignored it .

nonmember avatar razmom

This episode was probably filmed when corey and miranda first got married not recently but its not a good look miranda treating leah like shit and if u read leahs twitter she seems pretty pissed off. Leah is the mother of the twins so they shouldnt piss her off or she might go for sole custody!

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