Jenelle Evans Is Already Extremely Protective of Unborn Baby Kaiser

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans may not have been the best mom when she had Jace in high school, choosing to party instead of parent, and eventually signing custody of him over to her mom Barbara, but things change. Jenelle has changed. The Teen Mom star with the troubled past finally seems to be growing up and turning her life around.

Which is why she was kind of pissed when she heard a rumor that she and her baby daddy Nathan Griffith were considering giving up their unborn son Kaiser for adoption.

The 22-year-old reality star and her man have definitely had some rough patches through this pregnancy, like the time Nathan suggested she have an abortion, or the fact that he's currently behind bars, but that doesn't mean that they're not planning on making the best go of it.

A gossip site called The Real Teen Mom Talk recently reported that Jenelle and Nathan were very seriously considering adoption for their son, who is due to make an appearance in June. Their source told them that the couple had even reached out to a few agencies! The reasoning was something along the lines of being overwhelmed by their fighting and legal issues and blah blah blah, not like it matters because Jenelle insists this story is 100 percent FALSE.

She immediately went to Twitter to slam the allegations and make veiled threats to the perpetrator.

Whoa. Note to self -- don't start rumors about Jenelle Evans. She may be small, but she's feisty, and definitely not someone I'd want to piss off.

She responded directly to a fan who asked if the rumors were true. “What do u think?," she asked, continuing, "We have never even mentioned ‘adoption’ in one episode and have never threatened each other with this.”

Exactly. Good job kicking that rumor in the hiney, Jenelle! Little Kaiser is lucky to have such a protective mama already.

Have you ever heard an untrue rumor about yourself?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Stacy Jenkins

Well in my opinion if someone wants to start a rumor that is in no way true id get feisty and pissed off too and believe me I do. Just saying

nonmember avatar Sam

Actually, contrary to what people think, Jenelle made the right and mature decision to sign custody over to her mom. Could you imagine Jace growing up in the toxic environment she created? It was much better for Jace to be in Babs care rather than his moms.

nonmember avatar jordy

Change your story about Nathan being currently in jail....he got out last night. She posted it on a her own pic of the suprise she posted on facebook.

Hannah Miles

she is doing better stop being judgemental

Jo'Laniqua Ling-Ling Yayoi

I would be careful in using the term "Baby Kaiser is lucky" when it comes to his Mom being Janelle ... and apparently his Dad being Nathan too! We'll just sit back & see how "Janelle's changed ways" turn out in about a year or so... 

Mspan... Mspano4597

Yes I have had a untrue runner about myself people me and my ex-boyfriend were dating and that we were making out and stuff in class but we really weren't the teachers are not like that also they separated us I was pissed off but it wasn't true anyway I broke up with that guy anyway so now I'm happily in love with a new guy

Mspan... Mspano4597

I'm so happy for Jenelle and that she's not giving her baby up for adoption I'm glad Jenelle kicked that runner in the ass Kaiser is so glad that he has a mom like her

Kimberly Carlisle

Baby Keiser may be a lot of things, but, "lucky" isn't one of them. Jenelle is disfunctional and should be putting her focus into Jace instead of making another baby. How cruel of her to dump Jace, then go make another baby to shove in his face...

Turtl... Turtledoves

"Have not even threatened each other with this"

Really? That sounds mature. Maybe they're saving that up for their next big fight that disturbs all the neighbors and gets the police called. Why would you ever threaten your partner with giving their child up for adoption?

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