Kailyn Lowry Sets the Record Straight on the Future of 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea Houska Dr. Drew Kailyn Lowry

There have been rumors going around for quite some time now about whether or not Teen Mom 2 will have a sixth season, something fans are obviously hoping for.

A couple of weeks ago, an insider said that MTV was definitely going for another round with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Calvert. Ratings are so darn high, they'd be crazy to cancel the show at the height of its popularity. And now we finally have the truth on whether or not season 6 is actually going to happen, thanks to one of the members of the cast. 

Kailyn Lowry says Teen Mom 2 is definitely coming back. Check out what she had to say on Twitter.

Woo-hoo! Guess it's time to pop the champagne ... er sparking grape juice if that's not your thing.

Season 6 is sure to be one of the most dramatic yet, what with Jenelle getting ready to give birth, Leah having marriage problems, Chelsea kicking off her new career, and all of the juicy stuff exposed in Kailyn's new book. But since we know MTV isn't done with Teen Mom 2, it begs one big question -- will there be a season 7? Or season 8? Or ... I'm getting a little too carried away, I think.

Let's wait and see what goes down in season 6 before getting too excited about yet another round.

Are you planning on watching Teen Mom 2 when it returns?


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Chassity DeMuth

When does season 6 start? What day? And what time? I love this show!!!!!!

Kayla Long

Yep! Love Teen Mom. Although I have no kids I just love to hear others stories.

Kerry Mullins


Mary Beth Odwyer

yes for sure love to watch it and see all the drama with jennelle  but most of all to see all the familys growning when does it start




nonmember avatar melissa

yes i love the show when does it come back on!

Sheron Hodges-Mefford

I think they should take this show off and those girls need to grow up instead just having babies when any guy is will. I really feel sorry for you and especially for the babies who doesn't have a choice on what their parents on for the world to see, such a pity.

Faith Sanders

@sheron hodges-mefford maybe you should learn how to speak proper lnguage before critizing someone else

nonmember avatar Hattie

Who the fuck cares about trashy sluts whose legs are open more than a 7-11. Why don't they get off their backs and get an education so they can get REAL jobs? Proof positive that America's oldest profession is still alive.

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