Chelsea Houska Indulges Aubree in Easter Tradition Most Moms Dread (PHOTO)

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Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska is such a good mama to little Aubree. This single lady of Teen Mom 2 fame may have had the cards stacked against her when it came to this motherhood thing, getting pregnant in high school with her party boy boyfriend's child, but she's managed to come out on top.

One of my favorite things about the way Chelsea parents her now 4-year-old daughter Aubree is how she isn't afraid to roll with things and just have fun with her. Like the time she had Aubs decorate her mic pack for filming. But now she's upping her crafty fun mama game and letting Aubree dye her own Easter Eggs!

Chelsea Instagrammed an adorable picture (is there any other kind when it comes to Aubree?) of her daughter intently dunking something in a mug. She's staring into the abyss, obviously willing the submerged egg to magically change into an Easter egg.

Aubree Houska

Sorry kid, no amount of dye will turn a chicken into a chocolate egg though. Life's full of bummers like that.

Anyway, also on the table is a paper plate with some plain white eggs, an Easter egg decorating kit with some eggs drying, and a scant four paper towels. Four paper towels for dying eggs with a 4-year-old! Chelsea obviously likes to live dangerously.

Chelsea seems less concerned with mess, and more concerned with making memories for Aubree. We could probably all chillax a little more when it comes to things like decorating Easter eggs. Also, could Chelsea please share her secret for how she created those awesome multicolored eggs?

Do you enjoy dying eggs with your kids?


Images via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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Kyler... KylersMommy416

I love coloring eggs with my kids.... I didn't know that most moms dread it. I think moms that dread it need to think about the years ahead when their kids won't want to do anything with them.

pbjbarr pbjbarr

Huh? I already decorated 3 18 packs with my 2 and 4 year old. I love it!

nonmember avatar jess

We dye eggs every year. I didn't think it was such a big deal. Its fun and the kids love it. Next we are going to see an article that some teen mom carves jack o lanterns on Halloween.

nonmember avatar melany hamilton

Isn't this a tradition?? Most moms dread the clean up not the activity

Ta2dC... Ta2dChrmd1

Those "multi colored" eggs look like they have that plastic that shrinks when put into boiling water.

Holli Williams Poirier

Most moms dread this? You must either not be a mom or you are not a very good/fun mom. Who doesn't dye eggs with their kids? There's nothing to dread about spending quality time with your children. And the clean up is nothing.

Emily Rose Teats

My Fiancé is A tattoo artist and gets INK everywhere. Dying Easter Eggs, Piece Of cake!!! My kitchen table will be it's own artwork in A couple of years... Lol

nonmember avatar Cassie

I dyed some eggs with my two-year-old son this year. I used a garbage bag and some newspaper to contain the disaster, but otherwise pretty much let him do it his way. It's just diluted food-coloring. I can't really think of any likely catastrophic outcomes.

Kimberly Walker

Why are you making this sound like it's this huge horrible thing to dye eggs. I'm glad Chelsea is a good mom to Aubree but LOTS of moms dye eggs with their kids. I did every year with my kids(the oldest being a child I had at 16) and I do now with my 4 year old grandson. If you think dying eggs is this dreadful event God help you when they need to make a volcano for science class


Jennifer E Murphy

i turned my 3 year old and 5 year old loose with no paper towels and wearing white shirts (gasp) we colored 72 eggs and had a blast doing it how dare i. Why is it people that do this every day are made to feel like these famous people are the "greatest" parent EVER because they do the exact same thing normal people do with their kids. Who cares if shes on tv a lot of people do things with their kids just beacuase you may be uptight and wont do it does not make this story news worthy.

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