New 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Spoilers Accidentally Spilled by Cast Member

Imagine you're a onetime football player turned actor and you land a part on one of the hottest shows on television -- The Walking Dead, naturally. It also happens to be one of the most well-managed shows in terms of releasing information to its eager fans, and the cast has been well-schooled in the art of teasing. You, however, come barreling right out of the gate by tweeting two major spoilers.

That's pretty much what happened to former UGA football player Chase Vasser, who seemed a little overcome with excitement when he learned he nailed the part. Luckily, he didn't give away anything TOO major with his Twitter faux pas, but I'm guessing he got a stern talking to from AMC about when and how to share behind-the-scenes Walking Dead details.


Chase Vasser is the third football player to appear on the show, although let's hope for his sake he doesn't meet the same fate as IronE Singleton (T-Dog) and Hines Ward (who played a walker). Here's a look at Vasser doing his thing for the camera (I was going to call it his headshot, but … well, that felt awkward):

No word on who he's playing, but here's what he tweeted when he announced the casting:

It’s official! Tune in on Oct. 13 on AMC for ‘The Walking Dead! #cannibaltwist

Hahahaha, oops. AMC hasn't announced the premiere date, nor has anyone from the show ever confirmed the cannibalism speculation surrounding Terminus.

Vasser deleted his tweet right away, but of course he posted it to the Internet WHICH IS FOREVERRRRR. It wasn't really a huge slip, since it's unclear what he was really trying to share. October 13th is a Monday (so maybe the premiere will be on the 12th?) and "cannibaltwist" could mean … well, anything, I suppose. I guess we can at least assume he'll be in the premiere, whenever that airs, and maybe he'll play a member of Terminus?

At any rate, he now plans to buckle down and actually watch the show:


I'm sure he's learned his lesson on keeping a tight lip about the show. Considering how cagey the showrunner is -- when asked point-blank what Terminus was, Scott Gimple said, "Terminus, as we know, is a compound that has a good amount of people that are very, very formidable" -- the new guy on the show probably isn't supposed to tweet much of ANYTHING without having some boilerplate PR-approved messages in place.

Creator Robert Kirkman, however, can say whatever the eff he likes. Here's his comment on the rumor that a slow-roasted Beth was on the Terminus barbecue:

I’ve seen that a lot on Twitter. When a theory is as prevalent as that one is, it’s more than likely not true. If there ever was a story line where we were going a different way and the audience seemed to be ahead of us to that point, it would be extremely unfortunate and I would not feel too good about how well we’re doing our jobs. Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Well! That's that, then.

Who do you think Chase Vasser will play on The Walking Dead?

Image via AMC, Twitter

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