Kailyn Lowry Never Told MTV the Truth About Her Tragic Living Arrangements

Kailyn LowryWe are finding out more and more behind-the-scenes details about Kailyn Lowry's past, thanks to her new tell-all book, Pride Over Pity. There's a lot in there about her life before the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 cameras came into her life, but there's also quite a bit that happened during filming -- that she didn't let MTV in on.

Like the fact that she once had to go to a homeless shelter after her now 4-year-old son Isaac was born. After she and Isaac's dad Jo Rivera officially called it quits, she was forced to move out of his family's home, and with no supportive family to call her own, she had nowhere to go.

“I arranged for Isaac to stay at Jo’s, but I kept everyone in the dark as to where I was going,” she writes. “Nobody knew what I was doing, not even MTV producers, and I hoped it would remain that way because I felt like utter shit.”

Ugh, who wouldn't feel like total crap having to hand over their baby to the person they couldn't stand enough to stay with to go live in a homeless shelter? Thankfully it was short lived -- Kail only had to stay two nights to qualify for their single moms' housing program.

When MTV filmed her signing a lease for an apartment, they were totally in the dark as to how she'd secured it.

I'm not too terribly surprised to hear about Kail's sacrifice to find a home for her son. After growing up with an alcoholic mom and absent dad, she's always been determined to make first Isaac, and now 5-month-old Lincoln too, her biggest priorities. She doesn't want them growing up without a place in the world.

“[Isaac] needed a safe place to live with me,” she says. “At that point, staying in a homeless shelter for two nights seemed like a small price to pay.”

Just one more thing to love about Kail. She's a mom that would do anything, including staying in a homeless shelter, to give her kids their best chance at a stable life.

Would you consider 48 hours in a homeless shelter a small price to pay for safe housing for your kids?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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Jai Hutto

I lived in a homeless shelter for over a week when I was pregnant with my son. My son's father and I got into a physical altercation and I packed up my few belongings and got the hell out of Dodge. Sometimes you have to do things you don't like. It's not a mansion in my dreams, but it was warm and dry and a hell of a lot better than sleeping on the streets. 

nonmember avatar ceciy

i would do anying for my kids and yes i would theres nothing to be enberesed about...

laure... laurenashe97

Good for you Kail! You're by far one of the most impressive teen moms to me. You and Chelsea are my favorites of teen mom 2!!

Mommy... Mommynwife26

I would!! 2 days is 2 days, I could even do it for a week or month if it helped with getting a place.

z4809 z4809

Absolutely!!!  Sign me up!! I'd love to get on my own!!!  If I didn't have the most amazing job in the world I could make more and move on my own with my son.   Early childhood education! Love it but no money involved in raising our future! 

sexym... sexymom37

Of course I would sleep in a homeless shelter for two days are even longer if I had to. It would help me secure a place so I my children would have a place to call home instead of living on the streets. 

nonmember avatar Tatianna Reyes

I would and I did! I stayed in a homeless shelter for a month with my two kids. We just moved back to our home state I was going through something with my family and me and my ( now husband's) family weren't exactly best friends. Although we got kicked out cause we "didn't qualify" over a year later we are back on our feet with a lovely home for our kids...

Dawnelle G. Potter

When I left my abusive ex husband, my 2 year old daughter and i had to live in our minivan for 2 months before we could secure a place to live. You do what you have to do when you have children. To me, living in the minivan while looking for a home was far better than being beaten on a daily basis. If I would have stayed, who knows what he would have done to our little girl. 

aweck85 aweck85

She is awesome. That is something so brave to do for her son. What a good woman and mother.

nonmember avatar Jacqueline

While I was visiting family in another state, my now ex husband called it quits on our marriage and had an affair. My hometown had a program for the homeless: stay at a shelter for 30 days and they would help with set up an apartment, work and transportation. Programs like that helps so much.

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