Leah Calvert Is Only Hurting Herself by Exposing Her Ex's Dirty Secrets

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Leah Calvert Corey Simms

Whoa. So it's pretty safe to say that the Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew had more than its fair share of dramatic moments -- but how crazy was it when Leah Calvert called out Corey Simms for cheating on Miranda?!?

In case you can't quite recall, after Dr. Drew asked her to divulge something she'd kept from producers, Leah's exact words were, "A lot of people don't know that a week before he got married, he kept texting me and texting me, and he's like 'I miss my family.' He told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda. When him and Miranda got together first, he was out cheating on her."

Dang. Way to throw a dude under the bus.

But the cheating part isn't what I found most interesting about Leah's words. I'm sorry, but the fact that she pointed out that Corey "missed his family" leads me to believe that there's definitely some unresolved business between them.

It sounds like he was making an attempt to get back together with her. From what we can tell, she didn't exactly set him straight and tell him to take a hike. And given all of the trouble she and Jeremy Calvert have had in their marriage over the past few months, the last thing she needs is to inadvertently give him even more reason to believe there may still be feelings between her and Corey.

If she'd simply brought up him cheating on Miranda, that would be one thing -- but the "I miss my family" stuff throws a whole new level of complicated into the mix that Leah may not be able to escape from.

Hmm. Something tells me the drama surrounding her love life is far from over -- to the point where it's probably just getting started.

Do you think Leah still loves Corey?


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megan... meganellis

Uhh! I cannot stand Leah, the only thing she has going for her is that she is a good mom, while she's on camera at least. It's obvious she's still involved with Cory while Jeremy is out of town for work. Jeremy has a right to be worried. Leah is so caught up on herself.

nonmember avatar Dawn

I think Leah and Corey should never have divorced! Although they had their problems, they still love eachother! Every relationship has problems and I feel if they both gave it more time and effort they would still be together. So yes I do believe Corey wants to be back with Leah and I think deep down Leah feels the same.

nonmember avatar Liz

I think that Leah will always love Cory. However, I don't believe she's in love with him. I think Cory's comment stems from him telling her "I miss my family" to gage her reaction to whether or not he has a chance to be back with her again. It's not just Leah he misses but the children also. Let's be honest, it's not that uncommon for a man to sow his wild oats before he gets married.

laure... laurenashe97

Leah needs to get her crap together. Focus on getting yourself and your kids first and foremost, then worry about who you're married to!

Heather Hill

Leah has too many expectations when it comes to a life partner. I understand how stressful it can be with Jeremy gone. She jumped into things with Jeremy to fast & I think she did it out of spite to Corey.

nonmember avatar Chastity Nichol

I think Leah and Cory will always have some kind of feeling for eachother but are they still in love with eachother NO I don't think so. It's very hard to get over your first love and it's even harder when there are kids involved. I do think Leah needs to realize what a great husband she has not many men will step in and take care of another man child and Jeremy has stepped up to take care of 2 and to 1 that is sick! He goes out and works his ass off so that Leah and those girls can have everything they need and I understand that it's hard him been gone but Leah needs be understanding . I do think it's a good idea for Jeremy and Leah to go together to talk to someone so they both can get on the same page. I also think that if Jeremy could find a job closer to home that the family could survive on Then it would be best for the family. I know Leah has her hands full with 3 kids and with 1 having all the health issues. Jeremy is missing out on the best yrs of the girls lives! Remember you always have to put God first, family second Then your job. I know they will work it out. I think Leah and Jeremy are a great couple they just have alot on their plate. I'm glad to see that the 4 of them can get along for the kids that it's very important!

Grace Everley

This girl makes me cringe; she has not learned a single damn thing. But Corey and Miranda are good folks and i wish them all the happiness and normalcy they deserve!

Marie Camerlin- Slater

The only good thing I can say about Leah is she is a terrific Mom, you can't take that away from her,  BUT she has a history of cheating and the remarks she made about Cory just shows me she still has a lot of feelings for Cory.  She wants her cake and eat it too, wants both of them.  She needs help.,

nicki... nickimiranda

Cory and Leah are always going to share a love for one another. Especially since they have children together and will always have that connection. I think Cory now regrets his decision and rushing into a divorce and not trying to go to counseling like Leah had suggested. But I agree that him making the statement "I miss my family" is seeing what kind of reaction he can get from her to see if he still has a chance. I don't think she would cheat on Jeremy. I think she truly loves him and I think she her lesson on cheating. Leah is a great Mom and she does have it rough with Jeremy being away for long periods of time, and especially not even calling to check on her. I understand that Jeremy is working hard to support them finically, which is great, but there is more to being a parent and a husband than just providing financial support. Leah needs and Jeremy needs as well emotional support and the kids need to at minimum talk to their dad/stepdad each night to say goodnight. Counseling will do them a world of good and I'm glad that Jeremy, unlike Cory, finally opened his eyes and stopped thinking of only his pride and agreed to go with Leah. I think they truly have a chance of making it.

nonmember avatar melissa

Thay are good together

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