Taylor Swift Makes Us Eat Our Mean Words With Sweetest Surprise for Fan (VIDEO)

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Darn it, Taylor Swift. Every time you want to hate her or at least dislike her enough to mock her for taking lots of vacation selfies or dating millions of boys, or just seeming self-obsessed, the singer goes and does something that makes you think: Awww, she really is a nice person, isn't she?

Taylor could have done anything she wanted this weekend. She could have flown to Fiji on a whim and spent a million dollars on massages or bounced from one hip club to another and danced her butt off for hours in the VIP room. But no. Instead, she made a long-time fan's ultimate wedding wish come true when she flew to Ohio to attend her bridal shower.

Gena Gabrielle, who has been attending Taylor's concerts for years, cutely sent the singer a wedding invitation and bridal shower invitation. She never dreamed the 24-year-old pop star would actually hop on a plane and help her celebrate this important milestone in her life.

But Taylor gave Gena and her guests the surprise of their lives when she showed up at the party -- and with presents and a recipe for chocolate-chip cookies she made, to boot. The entire episode was caught on video for our viewing enjoyment and it's just too cute for words. Taylor's even wearing a shower-appropriate teal dress. Love it!

Considering how super popular she is, I have no reason to believe Taylor attended the bridal shower as a publicity stunt. I truly think she is one entertainer who cares about her fans and shows it.

I promise to keep all snarky comments about her to a minimum from now on.

Check out the great video of Taylor surprising Gena and let us know what you think!

What do you think of how Taylor showed up to Gena's bridal shower? Are you surprised that she would go to such great lengths to make a fan happy?


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She has always seemed pretty nice. I don't know why people jump on the hate train with her. She doesn't do anything different than other celebrities. She is in her early twenties. She is doing what every other rich and powerful young person does. At least she isn't snorting cocaine, getting dui's, and running around looking like a cheap prostitute. I see nothing wring with how she lives her life.

Deltona Lakes

Oh My! Girls/Women Don't Date Men who are celebrities. Because you will forever be labeled as the the girl who dates millions of men.  The Scarlett letter will forever be engraved on your forehead  for publicly dating  Six men in 8 years.. Selfies of your vacation? When and Where? Are you mistaking  Taylor for Beyonce?

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