Rob Kardashian Rehab Reports May Mean He's Finally Getting the Help He Needs

Rob KardashianPoor Rob Kardashian. A report has come out saying he has checked into rehab. While the rest of the family seems to be moving on to more exciting phases of their lives, he seems stuck. His enormous weight gain is no secret, and it's embarrassed him so much that it's questionable if he'll even attend Kim's wedding in a month or blow it off like he did the family trips to Greece and Thailand. But Rob has purportedly decided that he needs more than a strict diet. Star magazine claims that Rob has checked himself into rehab for "trauma and addiction" issues.

No word on what kind of trauma he is being treated for. Perhaps being part of the Kardashian clan is traumatic in its own way. I never got the sense that Rob was hungry for reality show fame like the others were. I mean, the man took down his Instagram account. No selfies for Rob. (Yay, Rob!)

Plus, his parents are separated, there are skads of rumors about his stepdad getting a sex change, his sisters are tons more famous than he is -- all of this could create trauma. Or it could be something super serious that we're not aware of. 

There are reports he's been depressed. He recently tweeted: "No one will ever understand how much it hurts." Then he got rid of his Twitter account.

As for his addiction issues, there is supposedly more than food to contend with -- Star says he's being treated for use of marijuana, alcohol, and prescription cough syrup. Cough syrup?!

And apparently he is tackling this all by himself. A source says:

[He] has completely retreated from the family, and from his friends. But within the last few weeks, Rob has reconnected with Lamar.

Hmmm. I wonder if that's a good idea. They probably have some stuff in common, but perhaps not the right stuff. Then again, if Lamar is also truly dedicated to getting his house in order, perhaps they can support each other.

I hope Rob is able to heal and get some peace in his life.

Any words for Rob?


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nonmember avatar radhika

Hope u get better rob

Kathy Rabon

God loves you Rob. Go to him.

Tia Strecker

Lamar not a good idea! Too bad he doesn't have a mother that cares for him, instead of her and Kim's agendas!! Wish him luck, that family is a mess!

Charles Almon

When did pizza a ice cream be classified as an addiction?

Charles Almon

Rob went to college but apparently has no job skills.

Does he intend to spend his hwole life, Brody, and sScott, living off of family money?

Natashalynn Hoag

Best wishes Rob, I wish nothing but a full recovery for you.

And as for the others  making comments about this family, that's his family and he loves the unconditionally and you can see that on the show. and food can be an addiction, anything can be if over used. Best wishes Robert! good luck

Karen King Phillips

My weight gain has changed me in the same way it has changed Rob.  You become severely depressed and isolate yourself from EVERYONE!  Chin up Rob, you are such a sweet person and deserve to be happy.  I wish you all the best in the world......

Patricia Vieyra

Praying for a speddy recovering Rob we all love you as much as your sisters too you know be happy grt better .Hugs 


nonmember avatar Amanda Gail Sto

Robert Kardashian is a loving caring guy that has an outrageous family that he automatically gets associated because his sisters are demented at times. He has had his self esteem ripped away a little at a time for many years. And he did go to college and yes he does also have his own clothing line named Aurther George. I think he just needs some encouragement instead of criticism. That's just my opinion .

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