An Entire 'Real Housewives' Cast May Be Fired Soon (VIDEO)

Wow, in Housewives land, Kenya Moore took center stage, whether she was crying over her dog, waving a magic wand in Porsha Stewart's face on the reunion preview, or teaming up with Kate Gosselin. We have the return of Orange County with new blood, the Beverly Hills ladies on New York, and the Dalai Lama. Well, not really.

In today's exclusive video below, I take on just WHY the West Coast and Southern Housewives franchises are more fun to watch, and perhaps easier to cast, than their East Coast counterparts.

Is it possible for one housewife to get another one fired? Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge seem to think so, but I'm not so sure about that -- more on it in today's show below. And NeNe Leakes is not saying a word. Except to Andy Cohen, when he brings it up. Uh huh. Are Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker saving their Mama Drama for their own spinoff?

And what about New York? Apparently all the cast are freaking out that the ratings are so bad. Bravo is apparently ambivalent, and today I discuss the ramifications of that. And three reasons why Aviva Drescher is giving us Kelly Bensimon.

There's more drama surrounding New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice and their upcoming season, as well as shocking allegations by Caroline Manzo. Well, are you shocked? I'm not, and in today's show, I tell you why. PLUS, viewer questions. Watch and enjoy!

If you could axe any Real Housewife, who would it be?


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Kathy Carter Woods

Love, Love, Love!  This series is the highlight of my week!  Thanks for another great post Alex!

Yvonne Beuschel

I would get rid of Nene. It's time for her to go .


nonmember avatar tammi


Lynne Kocur

This was great!! Made me laugh and I loved to hear your thoughts on all the topics. :-) Good job!

nonmember avatar Tre

Here's the problem. "Reality" TV was originally used to escape your own reity but now these people reality is becoming too dramatic. They no longer show there luxurious their homes in the hamptons all summer or it's all about bankruptcies. Jail, scams, book deals......I don't want to see their major problems it only makes me more depress. Besides the women in NY are way TOO old....that really skinny one that wrote the book is like dang with NO kids....that's NOT sex in the city....that's granny in the city😝

Cynth... Cynthia.B

I does seem like BRAVO don't care about our NYC girls at all, so sad. It was there fault to by waiting so long to air all new stuff happened, and we know about it so it's all old news. Luann broke up, Ramona's cheating hubby now if they were taping when that all went down! NYC be #1.NENE is just so jealous if anyone but her is being talked about. Love for her to go to!  And OMG they are not to old! It may be shocking to anyone above the age of 20 that yes women in there 40's can live very active & fun lives! We don't all have to have kids to be happy either! 50 is not old! (that is to the comment above me)shouting 

Pamela Michael

Great job Alex! I think you and Simon need to come back on RHNY! I miss all the drama from you and Jill! I just want to know if you still hang out with any of your former cast mates? So glad you have this job, you really know about all the casts of the RH shows!

nonmember avatar Liz

I just love you

nonmember avatar Al

Can't view on iphone!

nonmember avatar G McGinnis

Aviva Aviva Aviva. The first word that comes to mind when I see her is, "exasperating". She is by far the most annoying and boring housewife across the franchise. I wouldn't mind seeing her and all her neurosis go. One change I would love to see Bravo do is have each cast member have a different tag line each week in the credits. That way I would not have to hear stupid lines like, "I might not not be she sharpest knife in the drawer but I'm pretty" Great, a beautiful idiot. For that matter throwing two unrelated lines together is almost as bad; "Sometimes Sonja just has to go commando. What can I say?". Evidently Sonja can say plenty but and what does it have to do with her not wearing underwear? I think the really lame tag lines started with Beverly Hills this year and got worse as they traveled to NY. Maybe changing them weekly will get their creative juices flowing. I think it's time they expanded from Manhattan. At least when Alex was on the show we got to see a different Brooklyn attitude. There are five boroughs. Can't they find any housewives out of Manhattan? Just saying, it might freshen things up a bit.

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