'RHOC' Tamra Barney Attacked by the Last Person You’d Expect


Tamra Judge Custody BattleTamra Judge's custody battle with her ex Simon Barney has hit a new low courtesy of the last person you'd ever expect. She might be the star of a T.V. show, but the drama is definitely more epic in Tamra's personal life these days. She's been fighting awful allegations made by her former hubby in his bid to gain sole custody of their three children. But it isn't just Simon. Now Tamra's 15-year-old daughter Sidney is speaking up on Twitter.

Simon says (lol) that Tamra neglects the children, forgetting to feed and bathe them when they stay with her (not lol). Tamra has struck back on social media about these claims, which she calls lies. She also struck back at Radar Online who broke the story, posting a picture of her family on vacation to her Facebook page with a snide message in the caption directed at the site.

Sidney finally broke her silence begging her mom via social media to "stop lying" about her behavior. She is staunchly team Simon, which, for fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County, is unfathomable. On the show, Simon was portrayed as being -- there's no nice way of saying this -- a controlling dick.

This isn't the first time Sidney has made it clear where her allegiance lies. She shared a series of texts from her mom back in February. While they weren't nice, they certainly weren't Alec Baldwin-level awful. Truth be told, it was just painful to be allowed a glimpse into the lives of this mother and daughter trying to communicate and failing.

It's easy to write off Simon's smack talk of Tamra as the wounded pride of a dude whose ego is impossibly massive. But it's harder to be on Team TamTam when her own daughter seems to be in so much pain. Clearly there's more to the story than any of us know. Here's hoping that the family sorts through its issues and can move on to a better place.

Who do you believe, Simon, Sidney, or Tamra?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

I believe her daughter, Tamra so much like so many other 'reality" tv actors have became addicted to the "star life" and forgo their real lives, real mates, real children in search of stardom. Tamra is a pitiful excuse of a parent. She should lose custody and hopefully someday this gawd-awful totally manipulated/scripted show will end!

Karen Mitchell

I believe Simon and the daughter, because I remember when Jen (one of the housewives of OC) took Simons side in the divorce and she always said he was a good man. Tamare thru a drink in her face


no2no no2no

I find it awful funny that when a marriage goes bad men always claim how bad the mother is...she was a good mother as long he was married to her. Funny he never said anything about that before they were getting a divorce but thats how jack**ses operate. She should be glad she is rid of him. He daughter needs a good but whipping for talking to her mother like that, she is wayyy to young to be in her parents business...if Tamara doesn't put a stop to it now her daughter will always speak to her like that and it can be very heartbreaking.

Maria Foster

I agree with no2no  You can tell from the money/custody comment she has no idea what she's talking about and someone(dad) is feeding her information.  Sadly the Sidney will suffer the most whether she aligns with dad or mom - she should be "aligned" with mom AND dad.  

nonmember avatar Kate

I disagree Maria Foster. Mom and Dad should be aligned with the children.

Paula Burton

I believe the daughter give custody of her siblings to their father.

Missy Haslob Burmeister

who are we to judge their situation. This happens on a everyday bases to the common folk and we deal with our problems behind closed doors. Unfortunately when the people are involved are in the public eye it seems to always be blown out of proportion. Sidney is in the wrong to tweet about such personal information. It's hard to control what we say but it's even more difficult having to deal with social media!

nonmember avatar Lisa

Tamra is selfish......plain and simple! The kids should be with the dad, Simon!

Mary Brown

The daughter can be manipulated by simon, he was a very controlling man if I remember correctly, also teenage girls and mom always have problems.

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