Jenelle Evans Makes a Major Change to Her Looks (PHOTOS)

Jenelle Evans

Isn't it funny how a trip to the salon can make you feel like a totally different person? Well, Jenelle Evans just chopped off her hair, and based on how happy she looks in a photo of the new 'do she posted to Instagram, it's clear that she's feeling pretty darn good about herself. (As she should.)

Don't worry, she didn't go too terribly crazy as far as how much hair she had taken off -- but the change is still noticeable. And according to Jenelle, it's "perfect."

Check it out and see what you think!

Jenelle Evans

And here's a side view:

Jenelle Evans

Doesn't it look amazing? I'm really digging the face-framing layers she has going on. Not that her hair looked bad before or anything, but this is a refreshing and positive change for her.

And considering the major milestones that are coming up in her life, it only seems fitting that she decided to switch up her style a bit. Between finally being divorced from Courtland Rogers (next week?) and giving birth to baby Kaiser at the end of June, Jenelle certainly has good reasons for the transformation.

What do you think of Jenelle's new 'do?


Images via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Macy

I love it!!!

nonmember avatar Carmen

All she did was cut like an inch and a half off and layered it. Yet you guys faun and fall over yourselves acting like she made a recreation of the statue of David. hahahahhaha! Does this girl have dirt on you guys or something?

Kaide... KaidensMama1107

Baby kaiser? She has a baby named after a roll? Dummmm

nonmember avatar Kat

Beautiful haircut. I hope she changes her mind about that awful name though. Jace is an adorable name, why doesn't she pick something cute?

nonmember avatar Kerry

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І'll pгobably be Ƅack again to see more, thɑnks for the information!

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