Hot Actor Hubby of '50 Shades' Director Reveals Why He Wasn't Cast as Christian

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Aaron Taylor-JohnsonFifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson has one super hot hubby on her hands. 23-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson is quickly becoming a regular Hollywood heartthrob, with roles in Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, and upcoming ones in both Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There was some speculation back when we were all dying to know who would play Christian Grey that Sam might land the role, but he was eventually passed over for the part. But why? These two met on the set of Sam's Nowhere Boy, and seem to share everything, including a last name (Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor hyphenated their names together when they married in 2012), so why not share this project?

He was worried about their reputation as a couple! He told the magazine Nylon Guys in their May 2014 issue:

"I think it would have been the wrong kind of hype to bring toward us ... tt would have been kind of funny that this character that all these women fancy -- he's one in a million -- and my wife picks her husband to play the part? I would love to have done something together again, but it wouldn't have been Fifty. We were both on the same page."

So it seems like he didn't want to be labeled with the stigma of being so blinded by nepotism that not only would his director wife pick him to play one of the hottest characters to hit the screen this century, but he'd be so full of himself that he'd accept.

Besides, it's not like they had any practice, so to speak. "We don't have a Red Room at home," he admitted (with a wink and a smile -- I hope).

As for being a supportive husband, he confessed that he hasn't read the book, but exclaimed, "I'll watch the movie though!" Hmmm ... I wonder if that will change the lack of a Red Room in their house ... eh, probably not, but I bet they'll be trying some things after the viewing -- along with probably ever other couple that sees it. Not all at once though. Fifty isn't that kinky.

Do you think the right man was cast as Christian?


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nonmember avatar vibekeNO

Ian Somerhalder should have been Mr.Grey !!!!!

nonmember avatar bobissy29

Yes they chose the right man for the part. That is not the image I have in my head of Christian. I mean we all have that perfect Christian Gray, but some how they did come close to what we all did in a way right.

Kathleen O'Donnell


nonmember avatar Carry

When I read Fifty Shades, Ian Somerhalder was the Christian Grey I pictured. That hasn't changed, he's still the perfect Christian Grey to me!

Lori Martinson Cyples

Stupid people still whining that Ian or Matt didn't get the part.  First, Ian looks too OLD!  He's got bigger crows feet than my 70 year old mother!  Second, Matt does not play a straight man very well.  He wasn't very convincing in Magic he would have REALLY sucked at in Fifty Shades.  Gay men don't bode well in heterosexual love scenes!

nonmember avatar Alexandria Diaz

"His" name is Aaron not Sam, you got husband and wife confused.

Anntr... Anntravor

I'd rather settle with Jamie than that guy

Diana O. Villegas

I think I have too high a description of beauty in a man ... the only man in my head could be Christian Grey is Matt Jamie and of course no Aaron......

nonmember avatar jenna

I will just keep my mouth shut on how their relationship reminds me of Christian and Elenas, but i didn't.

Monica Maverick

Even though the movie has casted some other actor.
I always imagined the face of Matt Bomer, while reading the novel :/

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