'19 Kids & Counting' Recap: A Very Public First Kiss

Erin Bates and Chad PaineThis week, I witnessed a couple’s first kiss ever on their wedding day. I almost felt voyeuristic curled up on my couch watching Erin Bates and Chad Paine go at it on 19 Kids & Counting. The pressure! There were cameras and 1,000 guests at their wedding. They could have knocked noses. Did they discuss the whole tongue or no tongue issue beforehand? Oh, Erin, I would probably annoy you over coffee.

The whole Duggar family plus Jessa’s G-rated love interest, Ben Seewald, and his mom traveled to Tennessee for the nuptials. Jessa is slacking now that she’s in a courtship. Her responsibilities are falling on Jinger who took it in stride packing for all of the younger kids. OMG. I thought packing for my son was tough!

Jim Bob used the 12-hour bus ride to ask Ben 21 questions, including, “What kind of girl have you been praying for your whole life?” Ben mentioned love of the Lord before looks. This guy is cool under pressure. I think Jim Bob is impressed.

There were lots of pranks during this episode. The Duggar girls surprised Erin with a gag wedding gift to tease her about her lack of skills in the kitchen (a cookbook, fire extinguisher, and smoke alarm). John David led the effort to “trash” Erin and Chad’s getaway car with moth balls, sardines, and toilet paper.

Antics aside, the wedding was beautiful. There really is a payoff for having a huge family and hanging out with people with huge families. They made the food, created the centerpieces and candle holders, decorated the church, and sewed the bridesmaids’ dresses without drama or in-fighting. It was incredible!

Jim Bob was touched watching Erin’s dad walk her down the aisle. He had his eyes on Jessa and Ben during the wedding and couldn’t help but wonder how he would feel being father of the bride one day. “It’s going to be very special but it’s also going to be heart wrenching because you’re giving away your daughter,” said Jim Bob. And Erin’s siblings, especially Carlin Bates, struggled with their sister moving out of the family home and getting married. There were tears mixed with pure joy. It all seemed to foreshadow what we can expect from the Duggar daughters in courtships.

What did you think of Erin and Chad’s wedding? Did you feel a little funny watching their first kiss or did you think it was sweet that they waited?

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2cent... 2centsCDN

I don't watch the show so perhaps someone can clear something up for me. Have any of these older children been to college or university? Have they ever had jobs outside of their homes? I know living at home is a full time job having to take care of their siblings but I can't help but wonder how much of the real world they've experienced. I can respect the Duggar's decision to have as many kids as they want even if I don't understand it but it just seems like they've raisedl their children without preparing them for life.

The Duggar daughters seem like good kids but I get the feeling they are expecting a man to take care of them financially. I can't help but feel Michelle and Jim Bob have done them a dis-service in not making them more independent or self sufficient.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

I believe several of the girls are studying to be midwives

mellynnf mellynnf

Several of the older kids, boy and girls, are volunteer fire fighters. I don't raise my kids the same way the Duggars do, but I have a great respect for the fact that their children are well behaved, respectful and always willing to jump in and help someone.

2cent... 2centsCDN

Out of personal curiosity, I looked into the ages. The older daughters are all in their 20's so not what I would refer to as "girls." No jobs, no education past high school. Two of them volunteer for the fire dept which is all good but that won't pay the bills. Poor Jinger is 20 years old and her only job is laundry according to their own wikia page. The older male children, now men, have opened their own businesses, I'm assuming with help from Dad and yet the females seem like they're just waiting around to get married. They are adults fully dependent on their Mommy & Daddy...until their husband takes over.

I wish I hadn't read all that, my opinion of how they raise their children was significantly lowered.

nonmember avatar Duggar#23

The girls have not only studied midwifery, some of them trained with the fire department and was instrumental after the tornadoes hit OK, some have have taken college courses for accounting, some have learned photography, several have been helping in prison ministries, all four are successful authors not to mention all the other things they've learned from their parents' business and the older boys' businesses. These girls are well equipped to handle pretty much anything. They have jobs, they have education past high school. It would be nice if 2centsCDN had an open heart and gathered more information before being so negative. If you don't know, find out. Don't just assume.

2cent... 2centsCDN

Duggar#23 I haven't assumed anything, I went directly to the Duggars own webpage and read their profiles. The information I gathered came directly from them. The older male children have "occupations" while the females have "chores" and "jurisdiction" listed. Yes two of them volunteer for the fire department but I would argue that these women-children are equipped to handle anything. Will they be able to find a job to support their children if their husband doesn't turn out to be a man like their father? What if they're left a widow at 40 with 9 kids? Women that are forced to rely on men financially are more likely to stay in an abusive relationship.

I don't think its negative of me to voice concern over the future of the Duggar daughters but to each their own. 

nonmember avatar Duggar#23

Oh 2centsCDN, I didn't realize they haven't updated their webpage in a while. I guess they've all been busy. I can see where you'd be concerned for their future thinking they are forced to rely on a man. In the book written by the four oldest daughters they explain in detail that they are specifically not waiting around to be married. Exact opposite actually, the book better explains that the Duggars are encouraged to focus on their relationships with God in every aspect of their lives which includes being fulfilled within themselves as educated strong women with a servants heart. It looks to me that they are developing a good balance between having good character qualities, being self sufficient and building well thought out relationships.

nonmember avatar S

these kids need to learn about the real world seriously....and about the first kiss being at their wedding thing that's another thing that's just too far ok? first of I can understand not going too far before you get married and bonding on a mental level before physical but that doesn't mean you can't do some things physical you know? like kissing what's wrong with wanting to kiss before your wedding or hug facing each other? I don't get why they think those simple things are just unheard of if you want to wait till later in the relationship sure I can get that but why not start with kissing when you get engaged? and maybe try being alil more physically close obviously not sex but maybe just some general cuddling clothes on obviously but if your engaged then what's wrong with some cuddling because you CAN cuddle without it leading to sex these parents NEED to prepare their kids for the real world instead of sheltering them and not letting them see it till they get out and then they are confused and freak about common practices it's called culture shock for a reason people sure if they want to raise their kids that way fine but show them the real world to that way when they leave and move out they aren't freaked by the normal people

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