Broke 'Real Housewives' Star Has to Give Up Her Home

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If you are looking for a "real" portrayal of the lives of rich New York housewives, you probably shouldn't tune into RHONY. Some of them are seriously faking their fabulous lifestyles. The biggest transgressor this season: Sonja Morgan

Many a scene has been shot in her amazing Upper East Side townhome, but the reality star is so deep in debt, she has to rent it out to make ends meet.

Lucky for Sonja, that piece of property goes for a whopping $25,000 a month. Still, that will barely make a dent in the millions she reportedly owes. In fact, that hefty rent only covers her taxes on the property. Her ultimate plan is to sell the five-story, five-bedroom home that also has a fireplace, garden, gym, and sauna. These days, those are luxuries she can't afford. This is all just more proof that these reality shows are nothing but smoke and mirrors.

For years, we have seen Sonja struggle with legal and financial worries. She even declared bankruptcy is 2010. However, she tried to keep up appearances by throwing lavish parties and hiring an army of interns (to do what exactly, I'm not sure). But behind-the-scenes, her world was crumbling.

It has been a long fall for the ex-wife of John Morgan, the heir to J.P. Morgan. She has certainly tried to maintain that lifestyle for the show, but without her swanky Manhattan pad, that may be even more difficult going forward. For now, it seems she's staying afloat with her salary from the show and by promoting herself as a fashion and lifestyle expert. Let's hope that pays well.

Are you surprised by Sonja's financial situation?


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jillianh jillianh

I don't feel bad for these people try only making 200 a week and making ends meet I would love to make 25,000 a month I'd be happy

nonmember avatar W

I just figured it out, she has so many pointless interns because their actually the people renting the house and bravo tells them to say and act like their Sonja's help when the cameras are on ;)

LandPmon LandPmon

Millions of dollars in debt? I can't even get a cc with my $2000 worth of debt!

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Guess her toaster oven failed to get off the ground as well as most of her other ventures. She was brought onto this show because of her married name Morgan and her outragous personality, If Bravo did credit checks and brought in only people with healthy bank accounts they wouldn't have a show.

nonmember avatar Aimee A. Vasile

Everybody is having a hard time in their financial Dept. I think its sad because like it or not its the rich people that keep our world ticking!!! If things aren't ticking on their side then things don't tock for us!!!!

ninag... ninag1980

Sonja is on the verge of a breakdown. Her sporadic behavior this season is at its height. Every season she gets more and more hyper. She is acting like she is fancy free and careless, but in reality its all a front. She is using her crazy shenanigans to hide her inevitable breakdown.

youth... youthfulsoul

It's too bad her ex and father of her child didn't feel compelled to make sure his daughter's home was secure, especially since he can clearly afford it.

And the show always says the interns are unpaid and earn college credit for their efforts.

nonmember avatar Erica

Sonja is the real life Blue Jasmine

Biglo... Bigloves1968

Sonja knows what's up with her money an I'm sure everyone else's does too an that's what makes it so sad Sonja needs to just be herself an then maybe she will be ok .

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