Robert Pattinson Has Sex on the Big Screen Again -- Finally! (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has moved on from the Twilight franchise in more ways than one. Not only did his role as sparkly vamp Edward come to an end, but so did his relationship with Kristen Stewart (we think?!). And he's taking on new and more challenging roles. The latest is his role as a limo driver in Maps to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg.

RPattz plays Jerome Fontana who, at least from the look of the trailer, gets some serious action. He can be seen getting frisky with both Mia Wasikowska and Julianne Moore. So we know his character doesn't have a "type."

The film is about an actress (Moore) who hires a new assistant, played by Wasikowska, who turns out to be a pyromaniac just released from a sanatorium. She and Rob get involved. Kinky.

Oddly, Moore is now starring with Kristen in Still Alice -- which she started filming right after starring with Pattinson. I wonder if those two talked about him?! How could they not?!

Check it out:

Okay, I know it will be difficult for Twihards to watch Rob getting it on with any lady besides Kristen but ... oh, who are we kidding? Watching Rob getting it on is always fun!

Will you watch the film?


Image via eOneFilms/Daily Mail

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nonmember avatar Kelly

Kristen and Robert FOREVER!

Caryn Burton

Why, even here, where you are actually doing a good job of focusing on his career by following one of the TWO films Rob likely will have at Cannes this year, do you have to mention Kristen.  Even if they were still involved, this would have NOTHING to do with her!  Jesus, STOP already!

coppe... copperked

I agree with Caryn Burton.

Lori Martinson Cyples

Just wondering if these writers have even SEEN any of Rob's other movies?  Have you seen Cosmopolis?  Have you seen Bel Ami?  He has SEX in both of those movies.  I'm pretty sure he's had much more sex in movies that you idiots know about.  And go figure, it's a little more graphic than the Twilight movies!

nonmember avatar Just Stop

Would people PLEASE stop mentioning HER every time Robert does something amazing with his career! They have NOTHING to do with the other. It is getting beyond frustrating. Just PLEASE stop already! Robert deserves so much better then to have his work tied to her name every time he does something wonderful.

Lucy Exarhopoulos

We will,we ware Rob's fans . It's just a movie.

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