Kate Middleton & Prince William's Escape From the Baby Is Just What They Needed

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Their schedule has certainly been jam-packed thus far on their Royal Tour of New Zealand, which is why it's so nice to hear that Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a romantic night away from little Prince George so they could ... you know ... get some rest.

And it's not like they shacked up at a local motel or anything remotely shady. (Not that you'd expect that, but still.) Their room at Matakauri Lodge near Queenstown reportedly costs £12,000 per night -- though Kate and Wills supposedly received a nice discount. (Since they're so hard up for cash and all.)

The property is a five-star hotel and sits right on the banks of Lake Wakatipu. Oh, and I guess I should mention that their room actually sounds like more of an estate of sorts. They bunked in the "owner's cottage," which is a four-bedroom house away from the main hotel that comes complete with a private Jacuzzi. (Ooo-la-la.)

And while some may argue that the royal couple didn't really need to escape from George for a night since they just enjoyed a lavish vacation alone in the Maldives not too long ago -- personally I don't blame them one bit for squeezing in a little bit of quality time together. I mean, they brought their nanny along with them on the trip, so what's the big deal if she winds up doing the 3 a.m. feeding on more than one occasion? (Kidding. I'm sure she does it every night. That's what they're paying her for.)

And with all of the pregnancy speculation surrounding Kate these days, we probably shouldn't be surprised that she and Wills wanted a little private time. They can't give Prince George a sibling if they don't have ample time to make him one, right?

Good for them for taking advantage of every second they can get as a couple while they still can. When baby number two eventually arrives, these opportunities will be much more few and far between.

Do you think it's selfish that Kate and Prince William wanted a night away from the baby?


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pbutl... pbutler111

What 9 month old still needs 3 a.m. feedings??

nonmember avatar Linda Sink

They should have a little alone time. All couples should have it with out others questioning what they do all the time.

mtsuki mtsuki

Mine ._.; but then again she was aggravated from birth on up so well I stayed up around the clock. My other well I worried for her after seizure, crying in her sleep, and sleep walking e.e. The baby well too aggravated to sleep from her skin issues, hungry when she woke up.. so yea bath/feeding/cuddles at 3am.

Andrena Crawford

It is really nobody's business but their own. Why do you have to be so nasty? Jealously perhaps? Get a life!

Sandra Kaye Savill

I think it is great that they have some alone time.I baby sit for my daughter so she can have some alone time with her partner and no one thinks anything of it, everyone agree's that it is good to get away from the kids for awhile. So why is it any different for Kate and William leave, them alone they do a great job you can see that they have a great relationship with their son. Keep up the good work you two and enjoy your breaks.

Debbie Learn

Every couple deserves a night away. Even the Prince and Princess. Baby George should be sleeping through the night by now, so the Nanny should not have to get up in the night. I feel sad for this Mary Fischer who wrote this article, I can sense your jealousy and hate. Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, have every right to enjoy their lives.

waity... waitykate

OH so sick of those two !   Yes they ditched George when he was only 7 months old, for a week, left the country in fact and went off without him.  Sickening pair of sloths.

Now more time "alone" ?, at least George was likely asleep and it was only overnight...but what kind of parent WANTS to be away from a baby anyway ?
I'm a parent. It never was anything I wanted, to be "away" from my kids when they were babies !

Willnot and Cannot have done no charity all year. Prior to the trip they wasted 3 months vacationing. Diana would have wondered where they went wrong in their characters. You have to realize, these two are very privileged but they aren't concerned with giving back or working.  This tour is vacation #3.  And then the blithering about how they "need" this alone time. What do they EVER do that they need to get away from ?!


So What are they escaping from ? 

So fed up with the low standards of work and ethics. So many people just auto-worship these two pointless people.

Margarita Cristina Guayan

me parece perfectoo ellos y cualquier parejas de gente comun merecen un noche estar solos eso no es egoistas yo siempre cuido mis nietos para que mis hijos puedan salir con sus pare

Torie Doebrick

honestly give it a rest... who cares what they do or dont do with the baby... they do have to get away once in a while... they deserve the break

mtsuki mtsuki

Honestly I feel like slapping the @#$% out of the poster lying about not ever wanting to get away from her kids.  I guess you bathe, sleep, work, and have sex with your kids present too hm? 

I wish I could afford a nanny, daycare, or even a babysitter, because the words "break" do not exist in my current state. It is what it is, but hell I wish I could get a break too even if for a weekend.  Even I like my own private escape.. not forever not even for long but we all have needs just like our children do.

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