Kim Kardashian Shows Us What She Looks Like Without Her Extensions

Kim KardashianIt's rare that we get a glimpse of the real Kim Kardashian -- this is a woman who apparently sleeps in full makeup and who Photoshops her own selfies. Despite some very obvious work done on her face, she denies it. So I can't imagine what possessed Kim to wander around Paris without her hair extensions. Maybe she was jet lagged? Maybe they were lost in transit?

Parisian fotogs caught a sight rarer than an albino tiger when Kim stepped out with Kanye on the streets of Paree, sporting her thin, choppy, non-extensioned REAL hair.

I mean, her hair is still nice, but it's definitely not the long, flowing, movie-starrish hair we're accustomed to seeing. It's much thinner, much shorter, and are those split ends I'm seeing?

Also ... the dress. Her skin tight black gown looks like it's embroidered with a giant doily. Hardly looks the thing for a comfortable stroll around Paris. It looks bulky and hot. It looked like it weighed 50 pounds.

The pair apparently went shopping in the high-end stores of the world's most fashionable city, and eyewitnesses say that Kim had a hard time keeping up with a determined Kanye. No doubt, it'd be hard to keep up with a turtle in that rug-dress.

Conclusion: Kim needs to step up her fashion A-game. She just appeared on Vogue. This look is a hot mess.

Do you like her natural hair better?


Image via Pacific Coast News



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nonmember avatar Judy kenefick

Well well Kim is so fake I thought at least her hair was real Kim is a real nut case .

nonmember avatar Kimberly

Judy I see u love to hate its crazy how jealousy will make people. I wear hair extensions doesn't make me fake or anyone else fake that wears them.

Cheryl Greer

I agree Kimberly. It's nothing wrong with extensions, eyelashes, or makeup. It enhances your beauty.

Ryan Wasney

I also agree with Kimberly.

And to the writer of this article:

Kim needs to step up her fashion A-game? Do you know who she is! What's in your closet?

Melanie Ford

You can't even see Kim's hair for goodness sake it's tied back !!

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