Dakota Johnson Reveals What '50 Shades' Fans Can Really Expect From Movie

dakota johnson on fifty shades setSince wrapping the Fifty Shades of Grey film shoot in Vancouver, the cast and crew have kept pretty mum on what fans can expect. But when Dakota Johnson walked the red carpet at a Calvin Klein event in Singapore this week, she was kind enough to give into our desires and talk a little bit about the movie.

And judging from what she divulged, it sounds like the movie's going to satisfy a lot of desires ... and as though it already has satisfied Dakota.

While our on-screen Ana made it clear that disclosing too many details is a no-no, she volunteered:

Everything is a little bit secret, but I can tell you that I think people will be pleased with the movie, hopefully!

Well, sure, she thinks that. She wouldn't have signed on for a film she was positive would be a total bomb, obviously! But Dakota opted to elaborate on what truly drove her to accept the challenge of portraying Anastasia Steele:

I'm doing this movie, because I love it, and I believe in the story, and I believe in the books, and I hope that I will do them justice.

Wow, well, as much as fans have worried that Dakota was never the right casting choice for Ana, you've gotta respect that the actress feels so strongly about it. Sounds like she knows just how much she had to live up to -- and made sure to live up to it. That in itself had to have given her performance that je nais c'est quois it required to make it believable and the flick a hit. At least we can hope!

What do you think about what Dakota has to say about the movie? Does it make you more hopeful for what's to come?


Image via Kred, PacificCoastNews

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nonmember avatar Beebs

Nope. I'm over it really. I'll just read the books again and visualize my own cast of characters.

nonmember avatar srijelita

I dont care what people say now. If you like who is cast dont watch it. I'll watch the movie and then make up my mind. I love the books and I hope the movie is as good as the books.

nonmember avatar Sophie

I think they want the movie to flop...seriously what's wrong with these casting directors? Dakota Johnson for Ana, what a joke

Diana O. Villegas

Dakota is really a beautiful girl....but too ols to be anastasia......Srijelita..you're right....i'm not going to watch the movie do not want to ruin my image of christian and ana

Yandra Yandra

Well, If I am still here I am going to see the movie.  Even if it is just to say.  "i TOLD YOU SO".  Ian and Nina; even though I don't like Nina that much.  She and Ian do the most beautiful sex scenes.  Matt Bohmer, You forget that the guy is gay the  minute you see him acting in love with a woman.  He is Hot.  Besides those two, Ian and Matt.  i didn't see nothing en every one else.  So I'll be thinking of you Ian and Matt when I go see the movie.  So there we have it.

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