Nikki Ferrell Drops the Nice Girl Act to Defend Juan Pablo

juan pablo nikkiIt's never nice to say bad things about anyone. Our moms taught us that, right? But still, people talk. And lots have been said about Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis. Especially Juan Pablo. He's been through the ringer, hasn't he? Nikki and Juan Pablo do seem really happy -- and I hope they are. Love is wonderful. But these two cannot escape the people who want to create doubt or see this relationship end. 

Nikki is addressing those haters head on with some fighting words after a fan questioned her happiness. She's quite fiery when it comes to defending her man.

It all started two days ago when Nikki posted this quote:

Love this! But one of Nikki's followers did not and posted: "Honey, watchin soccer and eating cheetos w juany pabs AINT gonna make you happy."

Wow. That's not very nice, now is it? Nikki wasn't pleased so she responded: "Hm weird those happen to be 3 of my absolute favorite things. Thanks for playing though. Better luck next time." 

Part of me wants to tell Nikki not to respond and to ignore the haters. But it's hard to do that. It's in our nature, mostly, to speak up, defend ourselves and those we love. I love how she took the high road. Her response was perfect. Besides, isn't that what love is? Doing the everyday kind of things together? Something as simple as watching TV and eating snacks with the person you love is ... well ... often the best of times. It's life. It's the everyday. It's just being with the person you love wherever, whenever, however.

What do you think of the fan who said that to Nikki? What do you think of Nikki's response?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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Dawn Wendel

I think Nikki handled this very well. It's time people back off and let this relationship sink or swim. The only way to know if it will work is to let them work at it.

Pearl Hannah

leave them alone and let them do thier thing....

nonmember avatar D

Nikki's an idiot... watching soccer and eating cheetos is only two things, not three... simple math is hard. Her and Juan Pablo are a match made in heaven!

nonmember avatar Does not matter

@D....she is not the idiot. You are the one who can't do math. Watching soccer (1), eating cheetos (2), Juan Pablo (3)...I rest my case

nonmember avatar Kat

She knew what she signed up for. Why the hell does everyone have to have a twitter anyway? Shes inviting millions of people who don't know her to comment on her life. Just deal with it.

youth... youthfulsoul

She's even a total witch since day one on the show. Can't stand those two. Wish they'd go away.

Monika Anderson

Let's see, I think...I don't give a shit.

nonmember avatar Layne

he has a child, is a player and lives at home with his parents. How bout those three things? She looks like Bruce Jenner anyway. It's all funny to me.

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