Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Big Mistake Has Put Their Wedding at Risk

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

They only have a little over a month until they're set to tie the knot, which is why it seems strange that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are touring wedding venues in Paris this week in an effort to nail down a spot.

I mean, typically when brides plan weddings, they start with setting a timeframe for a date. Then the next logical thing that follows is picking out a location for the ceremony and reception, right? How in the heck are Kim and Kanye supposed to get anything else in place if they don't even know where in the hell they're getting hitched?

I know they had their hearts set on becoming husband and wife at Versailles and all, but that plan was shot down quite a while ago. Why on Earth have they wasted all this time when they could've been checking out venues months ago?

I guess they just assume since they are such a high-profile couple, florists, bakers, caterers, and everyone in between will bend over backwards and drop everything to make sure their wedding is absolutely perfect -- even if they don't allow them ample time to get things in order. (Typical Kimye. Why am I even surprised?)

But I guess the good news is that they've appeared to have zeroed in on one place in particular -- Château Louis XIV, which is a castle on the outskirts of Paris. Granted, it's a bit more modern and lacks the charm of Versailles, but it's definitely opulent if nothing else.

With 50-foot ceilings, perfectly manicured grounds, a nightclub, spa, and two swimming pools, it's more than ample enough to take on Kimye's nuptials and then some. Hopefully if they like the place, they went ahead and put down a deposit to secure it -- otherwise, they're really pressing their luck as far as making sure everything is ready for May 24. Nothing quite says "wedding from hell" like trying to cram in all the details and finishing touches at the very last minute.

Do you think it's odd that Kim and Kanye don't have a venue yet?


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nonmember avatar elsa

Kanye said he had been working on Kim's engagement ring up until right before he proposed. That's what he does. He changes his mind at the last minute all the time about what he wants. In his mind, that's his way of making sure everything is perfect. So, I'm willing to bet it was him who, at the last minute, decided that the Chateau d'Usse or whatever, wasn't good enough, which is why they are looking at venues now. I read a story about a woman who was crying out front of a restaurant because she and her husband had made reservations for their anniversary a month prior. But the restaurant at the last minute gave the woman's table away to the K-clan. This is what people do. There will always be people who will drop everything and kowtow to anybody they see in headlines with dollar signs.

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