‘Teen Mom’ Star Opens Up About Being Dumped By Her Baby’s Dad

teen mom adam lind taylor halburFrom the moment he first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, we could all tell that Chelsea Houska's baby daddy, Adam Lind, was bad news. And after multiple DUI convictions, an inferno car crash, and plenty of disagreements over daughter Aubree, the dude is not proving us wrong. But last year, Adam's girlfriend Taylor Halbur gave birth to his second daughter, Paislee, and things were starting to look up ...

Except, hold up! The duo split just last week after Paislee's momma couldn't put up with Adam's "lack of maturity." And now, it seems that the convicted drunk driver is trying to bash his second baby mama.

A source close to Adam says that he broke up with Taylor because of her drinking. Ahem, pot, please meet kettle.

And thankfully, Taylor is having none of it:

Well that's a subtweet if I've ever seen one.

She also retweeted, "Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation." Clearly, she expected more from Adam, especially since he seemed to be stepping up in his dad role this time around. Unfortunately, looks like the dude didn't really change.

But good for Taylor for setting her side of the record straight. And for having priorities. Hangovers are no fun, especially when there's a 6-month-old who needs attention and care. Adam could definitely take a lesson from his ex's playbook.

Whose side of the story do you believe?


Image via tfhalbur89/Instagram

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Elaine Cox

didnt seem to mind his lack of maturity when she was getting knocked up

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Uhm...what did this girl actually expect?  That this second bab will really straighten this loser up? Give me a break..he is a POS human and just should be left alone. A persons track record will show you everything you need to know..Too bad it took both these girls babies and heartbreak to realize this.

Mz.im... Mz.imdoinme

Adam is a pathetic loser & only thinks about himself. Any man that down talks the mother of his 🚼ain't hitting on shit. But I don't feel sorry for his new baby mom because every time he made it seem like he was such a good dad & down talked his 🚼 momma when ya see that she's a good mom but he act as if Chelsea cudnt let go she love him yes but every problem they had was because of him but to be real a real woman would have stopped in his tracks as soon as he started down talking Chelsea but lil girls feed of off a man talking trash about another woman but. if he talked about Chelsea then she should know she don't stand a chance. His family should be ashamed of the lil dead beat they raised point blank. Chelsea is a good mom & better off with out that trash. Well Adams on to the next victim.He think that shit looks cute & makes him a man but it really don't it makes Adam look trashy as he is ugly in & out weak lil boy he is & on top of itl what do they see in that kid he's ugly with a beautiful baby I hope & pray Aubree & new baby can keep love in their hearts for him as they grow older cause he's just a waste but trust me you he's gonna meet some one that will crumble him or he's gonna be lonely all his life being to afraid of getting his dirt back in return karma is the baddes bitch & that bad bitch name karma will destroy him so lady's forgive him give him to god & leave him there& move on to better than that in yy'all life

MomBre22 MomBre22

We all knew adam was a bad person, I'm not shocked at all.

11tat... 11tattooedmom

So you watched him not taking care of his first child so you figured why not have another one.. Can't feel sorry for girls like this at all.

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