Juan Pablo Dissed by Andi Dorfman AGAIN in Majorly Public Slam (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman

Ugh. You'd think now that she's officially The Bachelorette, she could put the past behind her and move on with trying to find true love and all that jazz.

But after seeing Andi Dorfman's first Bachelorette promo poster? Yeah. It's clear that she and ABC have every intention of milking what went down between her and Juan Pablo Galavis for every ounce of drama it's worth.

(You know, because she obviously isn't interesting enough on her own to carry an entire season.)

Check out what will likely be the first of many Juan Pablo jabs this chick is going to take.

Bachelorette promo poster

Seriously? Way to go ahead and cheapen her search for love before it even gets going, ABC.

We get it. Andi had and obviously still has a major beef with Juan Pablo -- but isn't the whole purpose of her being The Bachelorette to get over him and find someone else?!?

How is she supposed to do that if Juan Pabs keeps getting brought up? I can't lie -- I'm not an Andi fan. Like at all. She lost me during her fight with Juan Pablo when she refused to back down even though he obviously knew he messed up with her and respected her decision to leave. (Someone wanted a little extra camera time is all I'm sayin'.)

But I still think she deserves a shot at happiness. She needs to stop with the Juan Pabs bashing and kick things off on a more positive note; otherwise, she's setting herself up for disaster.

Doesn't she think the dudes cast on her season are paying attention? And if she keeps publicly cutting down her ex, won't they wind up walking on egg shells around her out of fear that she'll turn on them too?

Andi really needs to get her act together. Stat. And if she doesn't? Let's just say I won't be the only one who has no problem seeing right through her.

Are you an Andi fan? Why or why not?


Images via ABC

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Bev Braun

Stop giving that jerk Juan P his extra 15 min of fame.

He is a jerk, he dissed the show, stop

Mocci Mocci

I doubt she had anything to do with the poster. I am sure that is all on ABC and their marketing department...

nonmember avatar joyce

Not a fan of Andi AT ALL. Will not watch. Stir I agree 100% on this article. Enough of the Juan drama, its done and over and he needs to be left alone on this one.

nonmember avatar allison

agreed with Mocci. Do you think she has any idea that this poster is even out there? This is ABC promotion, not Andi. Not choosing a side either way, if you don't like her or you do, whatever, but blame the correct people for the stupid Juan reference.

Roberta Howard

Not her.. ABC marketing.. I like her and will watch her.. She deserves happiness.. And I am sure she will give the season more entertainment than HE did... Go Andi...

Nancy McLeod Weaver

I agree with the above comments, just publicity for the network and show...She is so over Juan and probably could not care less what is being said out there...


nonmember avatar WLW

I think that this is all to get Andi famous. She never hardly got any spotlight on JP season until the end when she left. Secondly, I kinda feel that these posters and words will cause Andi and Nikki's friendship to fail die to Nikki taking JPs side of all their arguments. ABC is just trying to ruin her life.

Paula Veverka

Not a fan of hers in the end but liked her in the beginning. I think she knew there wasn't anything with Jaun Pablo so she decided to get out while she had a chance to be the next bachelorette. She knew wpexactly what she was doing when she told him off and left. Not looking forward to the next season at all.

nonmember avatar jacqui

She is out of the country filming her season and I am sure has no clue that ABC and The Bachelorette advertising department are far from original. I agree with everyone else. She deserves to find love and I wish we could all put JP behind us. PLEASE!!!

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